Wolfgang Karrer

Works in Progress:

Some of the topics listed on this site have been dormant for a while .

The pandemia has kept me out of the libraries and using downloads.

So I have started a new project for a book. I call it 'Sketch-Story'.

I will argue that much of what we call "Short Story" is really a hybrid between short story (Poe, Hawthorne) and sketch (Melville, Twain). the combination of both starts with W. Irving in his sketch book. Irving created a mixture of "tales and sketches" which became a prototype for a regional color school. Both Poe and Hawthorne wrote sketches, too, but their main resonance comes from their short stories. Melville created a new prototype in "The Encantadas," a series of sketches about one location. He thus anticipated J. Joyce's idea in Dubliners by many decades. Dubliners itself became a new urban prototype for the C20: from Winesburg Ohio to Updike's Bech. The major innovations for the sketch came from an outsider: Gertrud Stein. She renamed the two major traditions of the character sketch (Rip van winkle) and the location sketch (Little Britain, both in Irving' sketch book) "Portraits" and "Geographies" to create new interrelations of voices as "Plays". Th postmodernists pick up where she left, and since then the multiple combination of sketches and tales has moved into multicultural writing (Leslie Silko a.o.)

to be continued