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Rolando Hinojosa

Rolando Hinojosa is a major US writer from Texas. See his Biography




He has peopled his novels with more than a thousand and four hundred characters, inhabiting his fictitious Belken county.

This is an index of all the characters appearing in his novels.


Rolando Hinojosa - A Character Index to the Novels



Welcome to Belken County! The novels of Rolando Hinojosa have made this county in South Texas their home, and they have peopled it with roughly one thousand and four hundred more or less fictional characters. These characters (and others they have met or talk about) often appear in more than one novel, and our knowledge of them grows, if we remember them from earlier or later appearances.


In what follows I have tried to compile a complete census of all characters in the novels, whether fictional or not. In case of changing or multiple names, I have added cross-references. As land-holding patterns and kinship networks are very important in Belken County, you will find some families included as a group.


I have tried to be as accurate as possible, and page references are to the editions listed below. If you discover any omissions or mistakes, please write to me, and I will include any amendments into future editions of this census.


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Abbott, Norman, soldier in Korea RW 112
Acosta, Alfonso, owner of the Mexican printing shop in K.C.; receives land from Rafe Buenrostro CV 54; DR 24,27,48; EV 129; MQR 18,21; TV 89
Agueda, aunt of Angela Vielma, owned an export-import business at the Jonesville port  CV 187
Aguilar, Ronnie, police laboratory PC 63
Aguinaga, Blanca, farm girl, classmate of Jehú’s KC 142
Alaniz, Jesse, illustrator CV 55
Alarcón, Brifido, barber, married Petrita A. CV 151
Alarcon, Petrita, tent show artist for Camilo Peláez CV 149
Alamfuerte, Dora WHF 40
Aldama, Conrado, driver in Korea MQR 27; RW 74
Aldama, Jesse, served in Korea US 186
Alden, Travis, Anglo candidate for Edgerton, a party man CV 201
Aleman, Aureliano, horse trader in Mexico EV 28-31; TV 27-31
Allen, Willis, robber AP 135
Allgood, Sarah (1902- ), former teacher PC 21
Almanza, a couple from Klail AP 112
Almanza, owner of gas pump CV 87
Alvarado, Frank, labor contractor KC 61
Amejorado, Balta, Dorothea’s brother KC 46,58
Amejorado, Dorothea, Balta’s sister KC 46
Anciso, Fidencio, from the Carrizal ranch, buried standing up KC 125
Anciso, Paulie, god son to Sam Dorson PC 83
Anda, Marcial de (1883- ), candy man, married Lorenza Estudillo, father of three sons and Jovita DR 13,30-36; EV 131 f.; GS 122-27; KC 13,30-36; MQR 109 f.; TV 64,91-93
Anda, Jovita de, daughter of Marcial de A., married Joaquin Tamez CV 137; DR 127 f.; EV 93,131; GS 1-7,125; KC 11-15,33 f.; MQR 109 f.
Andrea de, Odón, Mexican exile, print shop owner, married Barbarita Farias, father of  Susana A. CV 181
Andrea, Susana, daughter of Odón, married Israel Buenrostro CV 171 ff.
Andrews, Norm, sheriff AP 16, 51 f., 89, 126
Andújar, Pedro, gangster AP 135
Andy, Uncle see Malacara, Andrés
Anzaldua Cano, Florentina DR 94
Anzaldúa, Petra WHF 42,53
Anzaldúa, Sofía, first cousin to Santos and Ciriaca Maldonado, married Martin Holland RW 89
Arce Family, called the „Powders“ CV 213
Archuletas Family, moved in from New Mexico, raised Antonio Cruz KC 22;  DR 22
Arèvalo Iburren, Evaristo, professor of literature in Austin CV  43
Argüelles, Rosita CV 61
Arreola, Tomás, brother in law to Melesio Parra KC 23
Atkins, Harry, night manager at the marina AP 106
Attebury, James, robber AP 135
Atteberry, Sam WHF 58-59,68
Aunt Aggie see Rincón Buenrostro, Agnes
Aunt Aureliana see Malacara, Aureliana
Aunt Enriqueta see Vidaurri, Enriqueta
Aunt Mati see Buenrostro, Matilde
Auntie Panchita see Zuarez, Panchita
Arrieta Bros., group leaders in the Mexican Revolution  EV 121; TV 78
Avallaneda family, one of the founding families in Reynosa AP 178
Avila Bros., wholesale and retail merchants EV 118; TV 74
Avila, Manuel, nephew of Andrés Malacara BF52
Avila, Manuel de Jesús, Mexican judge of instruction AP 120, 140-42
Avila, Raúl WHF 40
Ayala Bros., writers of corridos EV 129; TV 89
Bailey, Dub, attourney PC 102; WHF 94
Baker, Ned, Texas official CV 35
Balazos, Nacho, worked for Félix Champion CV 217
Balderas, Jesús, Mexican soldier TV 29
Balderas, Sabas, labor contractor EV 129,175; KC 74; TV 89
Balderas, Tony, died in Korea, 1951 CV 17,153; KLS 44,53; US 118, TV 49
Bárcenas, Blanca, wife to Noé CV 71
Bárcenas,Consuelo, married Joaquin Flores CV 71
Bárcenas, Noé, father of Consuelo B. CV 71
Baroja, Richard, officer at Bishop's Savings and Loan AP 49 f.
Barragán, Telésforo, Mexican, married Felicitas Surís, father of Viola B. BF 99; EV 119; KC 118
Barragán, Viola (1920?- ), only daughter of Telesforo B., married Agustín Peñalosa, widowed at eighteen, hooked up with Javier Leguizamón for two years, married Karl Heinz Schuler, follows him to India and South Africa, widowed, returned after WW II to Edgerton, took Pius V Reyes as lover, married Harmon Gillette, widowed again, business woman BF 20 f.,24,26-39,40,58 f.,62,71, 83,92,94,99,101, 105,132,138,143,146,148; CV 72,161-65; DR 32-57,72-75,82,89; EV 118-20; GS 157-61; KC 116-20; MQR 26-28,48,63-65,71,78; RW 7,24,32; TV 74-77;
Barrera, Efraín, store owner DR 128; MQR 110
Barrera, Rick,  cook at Watson's cafeteria AP 6
Barrera,Teófilo Telesforo? (1880-1950) BF 49; CV 11
Barrientos, Ceferino, owner of clothing store EV 129; CV 87
Barrón, Juvencio, brother to Lucas B. CV 215
Barrón, Lucas (Dirty Luke), owner of the „Aqui me quedo“ bar, on South Mississippi, K.C.  BF 46,48,55,96-102,111; CV 107,133,213; DR 108-10; EV 46 f.,107; KC 20,103,135; MQR 95 f.; TV 52,68,106
Barrón, Socorro, married to Lucas BF 96
Barrymore, John, Actor US 138
Barth, Heck, Plymouth dealer RW 77
Bass, Leland, worked for the Buenrostros RW 89
Baum, Wanda, secretary-girlfriend to Howard Politz AP 112
Baxter, Pinkston, divorced by Polly BF 121
Baxter, Polly, divorced her husband Pinkston BF 121
Baxter, Rex, owner of used-car lot CV 91
Bayliss, Osgood, veterinary for the Ranch, father of Hapgood and Edith B. DR 100; MQR 87
Bayliss, Hapgood, son of Osgood, congressman for the Valley, discovered to be Sidney Boynton’s lover, replaced by Morse Terry BF 87; DR 47,74,86,100,112; MQR 35,37,39,42,55,65,87, 97; RW 29,30,39-41,47,64
Bayliss Timmens, Edith, sister to Hapgood B. married Ben Timmens, senator in Austin, widowed BF 86-92; DR 21,100-02; MQR 15,87-89; RW 30,55
Bazán, teacher KC 75-77
Becerra-Garibay, César, Mexican drug-dealer, killed PC 196 f.
Bell, Sherry WHF 70
Bell, Shirley WHF 70
Benavides, Art, policeman PC 49
Benavides, Procopio, engineer CV 63
Benítez, Tomasita WHF 40
Bennett, Abraham Lincoln WHF 3,8,
Bennet, Earl (1889- ), married Sarah Watfell RW 72
Benson, Cliff WHF 49,70
Beristain, Maria del Refugio, married Isidro Peralta DR 104; MQR 92
Berman, Major, served in Korea KLS 39,41
Bermudez, Abdón, father of five sons CV 65; DR 63; MQR 55
Bermudez, Arcadia, married Abdón CV 65
Bewley, Esther Lucille, of the small-ranch Bewleys, dependent on the Ranch, secretary at the Bank, B.T. Ponder is her uncle BF 59,84,93; DR 21,27,77,121-23; KC 140; MQR 21,22,67,105 f.; PC 83; RW 12,21,52 f.
Biggs, Harry, Jonesville airport security PC 13
Bilbo, Politician US 60
Billings, Andrew, cuckold, killed Thomas West PC 10
Birnham, Loretta, married to Wig B. DR 101; MQR 88
Birnham, Wig, Anglo Texan DR 101; MQR 88
Blackburn, Nate, gatekeeper for the Ranch RW 64
Blair, killed in Korea RW 95
Blanchard Family, allied with the Klail and Cooke families, together they form the KBC interests BF 21; KC 105; DR 20,23,91,102
Blanchard, Myrna, married Clayton Cooke DR 91
Blanchard, Sanford, married Fredericka Cooke, DR 47-49; RW 12,17,18,62
Blanco, Lucio, leader in the Mexican Revolution EV 121,123; TV 30,78,81
Blankenship, Merle, manager at the marina AP 107
Blankenship, Nell, divorced her husband BF 121
Blasig, John, from Flora AP 111
Bleibst, Bobby, a KBC patrolman KC 140; MQR 86; DR 99
Boatner Gen., served in Korea US 188
Boatwright, Robert , killed in Korea US 135
Boers, S., Marine, served in Korea US 138
Boetticher’s Grocery WHF 77
Bogart, H., Actor US 163
Bogden, Nick, runner, served in Korea US 49,50
Bohiga Family, lost their land near Bascom to the Leguizamóns CV 181,217
Bohlen, Meredith, insurance agent DR 42; MQR
Bollinger, Harvey, District Attourney PC 6,100
Booth, Ed, neighbor of Laura Grayson AP 181
Borchelt, Demetria WHF 40
Borchers, Ned WHF 27,71
Borda, Nacho CV 217
Borrego, Hilario EV 161; TV 44
Bowman, Roger KC 139,141
Boyd, Mary Helen WHF 54
Boyer, Bedelia, married Morse Terry DR 38,51,76; MQR 44,67
Boykin, Jeffrey WHF 62
Boynton, Otis, father of Sidney RW 36
Boynton, Sidney (1930-  ), married Sammie Jo Perkins, closet homosexual and lover of Hapgood Bayliss DR 47,74,86,100,112; MQR 75,87,98; PC 167; RW 11,18,36,39-41,47
Bracken, Theodore (Tex), captain, served in Korea KLS 28,33 f.,37 f.; RW 70 f.,74,83,91,105,112; US 16,134,150,151-53,155,167,170
Bradshaw, Theodore DR 87; MQR 75; RW 36,47
Branson, Lee, served in Korea US 132
Braun, Belinda, teacher at K.C. high school, married Ned Parks CV 51; KC 138
Brazelton, Jodie WHF 43
Breen, Kenneth, Public Affairs at the courthouse AP 15
Bricketto, Vic Lt. , served in Korea US 51 f.,76,93,151
Brinkmann, Bob RW 55
Briones, Blas, son of Juan B., truckdriver BF 142 (?); EV 21 f.; TV 18
Briones, Eduviges (Vicky), daughter of Juan B., cousin of Jehú Malacara, tent show worker CV 149; EV 21,22,33; KC 104;TV 18,20,33
Briones, Juan, married Mercedes Malacara, father of Blas, Santos and Eduviges, uncle in law to Jehú EV 21 f.; KC 104; TV 16 f.
Briones, Santos, son of Juan, painter EV 21 f.
Brodkey, Phil, lieutenant, served in Korea, killed himself KLS 29,31,50,53; RW 79; US 16,18-21,24 f.,30,31,34,37,38 f.,41,45,47,49,51 f.,55,56,64,66, 76,79,80, 85,90,93,97,107,112,118,123,151,154 f.,180
Bromley, Billy, served in Korea RW 43,60,83 f.; US 41,51,54,56,66,76, 83,90, 112,118,123,148,151 f.,173; WHF 61
 Brooks, John WHF 5
Brothers, Christopher “Kit” WHF 2-29;69,120-22
Brothers, Louise WHF 13,15,22
Brown, Gene, Anglo politician CV 199
Brown, Wallace WHF 21
Brownfield, Richard, served in Korea RW 112
Buenrostro Family, old family from Querétaro, came with the Escandón expedition in 1749, one of the Four Families, intermarried with the Vilches, Farías and the Campoys, owners of El Carmen and Campacuás ranch on the Rio, and of more land on the Mexican side near Solíseño BF 34,41, 49,50,61,107,114,152; DR 94; RW 9,89,109 f.; TV 74; US 81; CV 203,207,215
Buenrostro, Aaron (1933- ), Rafe’s younger brother, farmer BF 50; CV 27,29,49,175; DR 9,13,24,28,40, 59; MQR 9,19,21,33,51; TV 48; US 48,137,150
Buenrostro, Albinita, married Práxedes Calvillo, her only child Sóstenes C. EV 122; TV 79
Buenrostro, Andrés Rincón (1729-1801), colonizer with Escandón, founder of the Buenrostro family CV 11
Buenrostro, Israel (1927- ), Rafe’s older brother, served in WW II, married Susana de Andrea, father of Rafa III, farmer CV 29,143,171-75; DR 24,25, 28,40,59,94; EV 171,188; KC 77; MQR 19,21,33,51,64,82; TV 48; US 48,89; BF 50
Buenrostro, Jesús "El Quieto" (1887-1946), grandson of Rafael B. and Benita Campoy; brother to Julian and Matilde, married a Rincón, father of Rafe, Aaron, Israel, land owner at El Carmen, distributed land to the Tamez brothers, killed by order of Alejandro Leguizamón, BF 27,28,50,92,146; CV 11,181; GS 19-25; KC 25-30,31; RW 51; TV 86; US 184
Buenrostro, Julian (1904- ), younger brother of Jesús, married Herminia Jasso, father of Melchor B. BF 41; CV 35,183,215; EV 50; KC 18,20, 21,25-30,31; RW 51; TV 86
Buenrostro, Juan Luciano (1952- ), son of Israel
Buenrostro, Luciano, twin of Justo and brother of Rafael I, widowed CV 182 f.
Buenrostro, Mailo see Israel B.
Buenrostro, Matilde (Aunt Mati), sister to Jesús and Julian B., raised Jehú and Rafa like her children BF 75; EV 79; KC 75; TV 12; CV 18; US 34,48,89,95,115,137,172
Buenrostro, Melchor, son of Julian B. BF 41; KC 59; CV 175
Buenrostro, Rafael I (18 - ), the first Rafa, married Montserrat Campoy in the mid 1870s, great-grandfather of Rafa BF 107
Buenrostro, Rafa (Jan 21, 1930-  ), son of Jesús B., cousin to Jehú Malacara, married Conce Guerrero, widowed after ten months, soldier in Korea, student in Austin, school teacher in K.C., policeman, lieutenant of detectives in the DA office of Belken County, chief inspector of the Homicide Division, married Sammie Jo Perkins, an heiress of KBC, AP; BF 34,50,65,76,82,92,93,98,118 f.,120,142,159; CV 17-59,115-27,143,166-69,215; DR 8,70, 122; EV 41,47, 50 f.,118,158-88; GS 19-25,45-53,67-75,122-27,141-45,163-77; KC 7,16-45,59-62,70-78,101; KLS 3-53;  MQR 7; RW 9,13-16,33 f.,37 f.,40,47,50 f.,60 f.,69, 74 f.,79 f.,83-85,91-96,99-101,104-06,112; PC 5-248,110,167; TV 43-54,101,106,111 f.; US passim; 27,36,48,53,58,73,74 f.,80,91, 113,114,118,132,134 f.,136,137, 138,146 f.,150,154,165-69, 172,175,183 f.; AP 65; WHF  54,79-82, 88-90
Buenrostro, Rafa III (1951- ), son of Israel B. CV 181
Buentello Family, old family RW 72,109
Buentello, Gustavo, married Leonor Manzano RW 109
Buitron, Leonidas, sergeant KC 41-44
Buitureya, Orfalindo ( -1980), son in law to Marco Antonio Sendego, as apprentice pharmacist killed Agustín Peñalosa by a lethal prescription, related to the Paras family and uncle to Otila Macía Rosales BF 103,105,147; DR 81n; GS 113-19; KC 117 f.,132-36
Buncomb, Laura Nell WHF 84
Bunn, Miss, teacher in K.C. EV 160; TV 43
Bunton, K. Joe, day man at the Kum-Back Inn PC 105,121 f.
Burnias, Melitón, of indifferent career, one of Flora’s poor, father of Tila B., died quietly on the Villalón ranch CV 103-09; EV 35-38,133-35; KC 79; TV 36-41,94-97
Burnias, Tila (Otila), eldest daughter of Melitón B.  EV 35,133; TV 37,94
Burton, Chauncey WHF 105-6
Burton Stockwell, Miriam “Mim” WHF 96,105-9
 Bush, George US President AP 89
Bustos, Félix, illegitimate son of Andrés Malacara KC 102

Caballero, Adelita WHF 4
Cabeza de Vaca,  explorer US 171
Cabrera, Horacio, tailor CV 63
Cáceres, Felix EV 29; TV 29
Cáceres, Hortensia, married Eugenio Peralta DR 104; MQR 92
Caldwell, commanding officer in Korea CV 159
Caldwell, Catarino, veteran, married Elvira Navarrete, father of Becky C. BF 9,19 f.,27,64,71,72,119,139; DR 74; MQR 64; RW 24,32
Caldwell, Becky see Escobar, Becky
Calles, military leader in the Mexican Revolution TV 30
Calvillo Family EV 127
Calvillo, Práxedes, married Albinita Buenrostro EV 122; TV 79
Calvillo, Sóstenes, only child of Práxedes C. EV 122; TV 12,79,86
Camacho, Manual Avila, general in the Mexican Revolution EV 29 f.; TV 28,30
Camarillo, Servando, waiter in Barrones, Tamaulipas PC 171
Campbell, Bobby, classmate of Jehú Malacara, worked at a Sporting Goods Store in Edgerton DR 35; MQR 29
Campos, Engletina DR 104; MQR 52
Campoy Family, old family from 1749, related to the Buenrostros BF 107,108; CV 129,169,203,207
Campoy, Chava, political candidate, college man CV 201
Campoy, Cheo, cousin to Rafa Buenrostro BF 76
Campoy, Jaume, son of Mauricia Puig, grandfather to Reina Campoy BF 107
Campoy, Julio César, married Maria de los Reyes (Reina) BF 107 f.
Campoy, Macedonio, brother-in-law and third husband of Reina Campoy BF 108 f.,110
Campoy, Montserrat, sister of Jaume, married Rafa I Buenrostro in the 1870s BF 107
Campoy, (Reina) Maria de los Reyes, (1890- ), married four times, widowed in 1918, married Odón Pulido, divorced, married her brother-in-law Macedonio Campoy, divorced, married Julio César Campoy BF 107-111,159
Campoy, Santana, cousin to Jehú Malacara and Rafa Buenrostro DR 30; MQR 24
Cano Family, old family from 1749, lost part of their land in the nineteenth century, intermarried with the Anzaldua, Guzmán a. o. families BF 49,50; EV 19,122; DR 94 f.; MQR 82,183; TV 15,80; CV 212
Cano, Bruno, born in Mexico, childless widower, merchant, owner of the slaughterhouse „The Golden Fleece“, died of heart attack in Flora CV 103,213,219; DR 16; EV 33-38,133; KC 79; MQR TV 35-41
Cano Guzmán, Rufino, paternal grandfather to Rufino Fischer Gutierrez DR 94; US 186
Cantú Bros., trucking firm EV 129; TV 89
Cantú, Adán, judge BF 57
Cantú, Gabriel, policeman PC 227,241 f.
Cantú, Ike, Belken County Homicide detective AP 6 ff., 65

Cantú, Margarita, inherits a cantina from her father CV 19
Cantú, Robe, nephew to Margarita C. EV 184; TV 53,89; CV 19
Cantú, Santos Leal, Mexican soldier TV 29
Cantú, Thelma Lou WHF 30-35
Cardenas, Lázaro, general in the Mexican Revolution EV 29; TV 28-29
Cardenas, Pedro, bodyguard of Alejandro Leguizamón CV 33
Cargill, Doug, Bank employee RW 55
Carmody, Charles WHF 48
Carmona Bros. CV 219; KC 79 f.
Carmona, Jacinto, captain in the Mexican army, married Sóstenes Jasso, shot and killed KC 20
Carranza, president of Mexico, assassinated TV 28
Carranza, Venustiano, from Coahuila, shot and killed in 1920 EV 29 f.; KC 44; TV 27 f.
Carrion, Josefa, daughter of Julian C. TV 81
Carrion, Julian, married Maria del Pilar Sifuentes, father to Josefa, killed with his wife by Apaches TV 81
Carrizales, Jacinto KC 20
Carrizales, Lino TV 101
Carter, Julius Augustus, landowner, father of Vince RW 51
Carter, Vince, son of Julius Augustus RW 51
Carvajal, Cosme Elizondo, first cousin to Aurelio Aleman TV 31
Castañeda, Gilberto („Beto“) (1941-71), tomato packer at Royce-Fedders, married to Marta Cordero EV 33,93-102,129 f.; KC 61; TV 34,55-70,89
Castañeda, Genaro, soldier in WW I, master housepainter EV 46 f.,50 f.; KC 118; TV 106,108
Castañeda, Lee WHF 58
Castillo, Lorenzo, went to Mexico to avoid the army CV 17
Castro, Elias, married Ofira Luján BF 20,31; CV 111-13
Castro, Emma, classmate of Jehú’s, married Nestor Reyes
KC 142
Castro, Flavio Ignacio, witness AP 136
Cava, Vena, criminal PC 210,226
Cavazos, Dorotea, farm girl, classmate of Jehú’s KC 142
Cavazos, Elodia, farm girl, classmate of Jehú’s, nurse KC 142
Cavazos, Eloy, bullfighter BF 143
Cavazos de Leon, Andrés (La Maquina) (1919-72), drug dealer, killed PC 199 f.
Cedillo, Petra, married Big Ben Timmens, died of dysentery in 1919 BF 87
Celaya Family CV 217; EV 86; TV 79
Celaya, Juan Nepomuceno, raised Braulio Tapia EV 122; TV 79,86,111
Cerda, Vicente de la, truckdriver CV 155; DR 114 f.; MQR 99 f.
Cervera, Práxedes, married Otila Burnias CV 105; EV 35,133; TV 37,94
Cervera Willie, Federal marshal AP 34
Cetina de Gutierrez, Luisa, director of Public Order in Barrones AP 9,23 ff., 66, 70-76, 86 f., 160
Chacon, Helen, deputy recorder, Belken county EV 100; TV 55
Chadwick, William WHF 3
Chajin, Manzur, candy maker and seller EV 125; TV 83
Chalmers, Elliott WHF 2-9;
Chalmers, Percy WHF 8, 12
Champion, Andrés DR 109; MQR 96
Champion, Félix, illegitimate son of Andrés Malacara, ran a cantina for him EV 43,93TV 57,103
Chandler, Glenn WHF 56
Chandler, O. O. Cpt., killed in Korea US 76,78 f.,82,89,101
Chandler, Old Man, landowner in Relámpago EV 133-35; TV 95-97
Chao, José Antonio, Mexicano political candidate, college man CV 201
Chapa, Gelasio, barber EV 19; TV 15 (cp. DR 64)
Chapa, Goyo, debt collector DR 105; MQR 93
Chapa, Rogelio WHF 40
Chapin Dr., served in Korea US 166,168
Chapman, Elsinore, teacher at K.C. High School, died in a car accident CV 51; DR 24; KC 137,139; MQR 18
Chapman, Robert, Assistant District Attorney PC 104; EV 99; TV 55,66
Chávez family, ranch owners CV 221
Chavez, José Isabel, Mexican guerilla leader KC 20
Chayrez, Beto, cousin to Raúl Santoscoy BF 143
Chedes, Aunt see Malacara Briones, Mercedes
Christian, Charlie, jazz guitarist US 99
Clack, Bryan WHF 65,70,73
Coalson, Jimmy, served in Korea US 159
Cohen, Wendell (Ellie) , served in Korea US 15 f., 31,79
Coles, Manning, writer US 171
Columbus, explorer US 171
Colunga, Barb, married to Chris PC 138-41
Colunga, Chris, attourney, married to Barb PC 140
Concepción Hirsch, de la Maria BF 129
Connally, John WHF 91
Conner Col. , served in Korea US 70
Conrado, owner of La Nacional, barbershop RW 23
Contreras, Al, desk sergeant for Homicide AP 11;PC 164
Contreras, Ismael EV 136; TV 90
Cooke Family, came after 1865, allied with the Klail and Blanchard families and their corporation, the KBC interests DR 20,23,91,92,102; KC 105
Cooke, Andrew, son of Clayton C., died young DR 91; MQR 79
Cooke, Anna Faye, sister to E. B., married Klail Junior BF 84,89; RW 17-20, 121; DR 26; MQR 20
Cooke, Blanche, daughter of Clayton C., married Arnold Perkins, alcoholic BF 88,121 f.,127; DR 19 f.,28,56; MQR 13 f.,79; RW 36
Cooke, Blanton, son of Clayton, moved to New York MQR 79; DR 91;RW 62
Cooke, Clayton, married Myrna Blanchard, father of E. B., Blanton, Blanche, Anna Faye, Fredericka, Parnell, Andrew and Grover C. MQR 79; DR 91
Cooke, E.B. (Everett Blanchard) (Feb. 1910- ), son of Clayton C.,  married a Blanchard, father of James Agard, cashier at at the K. C. First National Bank, also Secretary-Treasurer of the Klail, Blanchard, Cooke corporation BF 81-85,89,90,119; DR 20,91-93,112; MQR 13,73,78,79 f.,79; PC 116; RW 7-12,17-20,27-32,35; WHF 117
Cooke, Fredricka (Freddie), daughter of Clayton, married Sanford Blanchard, died of uterine cancer, the Fredericka Cooke Institute is part of the KBC interests BF 84 f.; RW 7-12,30,50,62
Cooke, Grover, son of Clayton C., died young MQR 79; DR 91
Cooke, Jameson Agard, son of E.B. RW 62,68
Cooke James I, married Antonia Leguizamón RW 68
Cooke, Parnell, idiot son of Clayton C. MQR 79; DR 91
Cooke, Walton H. DR 92; MQR 81
Cordero, Albino, old revolutionary in Mexico, then farm worker, father of Marta C., died of an accident at a pickle plant in Michigan EV 94,95,100,129; KC 61; TV 34,55,60,65,89
Cordero, Baldemar (1940- ), tomato packer at Royce-Fedders, fifteen years’ sentence for killing Ernesto Tamez BF 100; EV 92-102,130; KC 33,61; TV 55-70,90
Cordero, Mercedes, married Albino C., laid up with paralysis TV 55,62,66,90
Cordero Castañeda, Marta, only daughter of Albino C. married to Beto Castañeda EV 92-102,129; KC 61; TV 34,55-70,88,90
Corelli family WHF 23
Cornish couple, neighbors of Laura Grayson AP 186
Cortez, Amelia, dance hall girl and prostitute EV 101; TV 55,68
Cortez Lawyer WHF 89
Coryell (Dean) WHF 27
Cosgriff, Alfie, served in Korea US 111
Cotton, Gene Major WHF ^3
Cowans, served in Korea RW 104 f.
Craddock, Barney, army physician DR 8; MQR 7
Crixell, Mandie, married to Theodore AP 59, 104
Crixell, Theodore, attorney, killed AP 37, 59 f.126
Croft, Sid, killed in Korea US 172,177,185
Crossland, John Milton (1892-1972) black veteran, farmhand PC 13-15,76,91 f.,116
Crouch, Tmy WHF 84
Crowder. Nick, president of Belken State WHF 11,17,30-39
Crowder, Susan WHF 43,120
Crowder, Tim WHF 40,122
Cruz Family, land owners in Dellis County DR 37
Cruz, Antonio, killed in a duel KC 21 f.; MQR 31
Cruz, Nicéfora, Guatemalan maid at the Blanchard home RW 20
Cruz, Segundo de la, relative of Jehú from across the Rio DR 30
Cuevas, Polly, secretary to Art Styles AP 34

Dada, Francis, soldier in Korea RW 69,85
Daikus, Ralph WHF 61
Dalrymple, Darla. WHF 6,26
Daniels, Scott, a KBCman MQR 85 f.; DR 98
Darley, Ted WHF 62
Darling, Charles Edward (1919-1972), homosexual waiter, killed PC 16 ff.
Dávalos, Amalia, cotton picker CV 81
Dávila Bros., revolutionaries in the 1920s TV 30
Dávila, Monche, car mechanic CV 101
Dávila, Natalia, cook at the Solís ranch, killed AP 167
Day, Doris, singer BF 113
Dean, Charlie, physician RW 18,20
Dean General, served in Korea US 28 f.,67 f.,116
de Hoyos, Amelia WHF 62
de la Cruz, Juan José, Father WHF 54
de la Rosa, Angela WHF 67
de la Torre, Lionel WHF 61
de la Viña, Josie WHF 41
Delaney, Richard, killed in Korea US 135
Delgado Bros., twins CV 123
Delgado, Javier WHF 50
Dembro, Walt, sheriff RW 77
Dewey, presidential candidate RW 22
DeYoung, Travis, connected to KBC DR 101; MQR 88
Diaz, Cayo, died in Korea, 1951 CV 153; KC 74; KLS 44,53; EV 174 f.; TV 49; US 118
Díaz, Mary WHF 30
Dickman, Ed, orphan, classmate of Jehú’s, married Carol Haley KC 139; RW 102 f.
Dieckemann, (Popeye), hooked by La Colorada KC 123
Dietz, Henry, police laboratory AP 6 ff.;PC 16-248,1190-201
Dodson, Dan, classmate of Jehú’s RW 47
Dodge, Louis, served in Korea KLS 31-33,53; RW 91
Donaldson, J. D. WHF 54
Donovan, Corinna ( -1968), married to Culley, died of uterine cancer PC
Donovan, Culley (1917-), chief detective of the Belken County Homicide Squad, widowed DR 15; PC 5-248,109 f.; MQR
Dorson, Effie, married to Sam Dorson PC 50
Dorson, Sam, detective AP; DR 15; MQR  ; PC 6,21-27,82,165
Dowlings couple, neighbors of Laura Grayson AP 186 f.
Doyle, Davey, served in Korea US 51,80; WHF 14
Drake Col. , served in Korea US 18-21,94
Duarte, Marie-Eugenie, secretary to Chris Colunga PC 140
Dumans, Carl, brother to John, grocer US 185
Dumas, John, corporal, served in Korea RW 70 f.; Sgt. US 15,17,18,23-26,27-37,38-49,51, 52 f.,54,57,65,77,85,95.105, 113 f.,114 f.,118,125, 140 f.,149 f.,158,162 f.,166,170,172, 185 f.,187

Echeverría, Esteban (1872-1959, April 4), old revolutionary, married Nieves, widowed, oldest man with the best memory in Belken County, leaves his land to Aaron and Israel Buenrostro before his death, age 87 AP 19; BF 46,48,50; CV 23,27,33,35,59, 129-31,167-69,189,211-23; DR 19,120; EV 47,50 f.,182; GS 11-13,163-67; KC 16 f.,112,135; MQR 83,104; RW 64,89,109; TV 52,111
Echeverría, Hilarion, father of Esteban, receives 40 acres from the Buenrostro grant lands BF 49; RW 109
Echeverría, Nieves, married to Esteban Echeverría CV 211-23; KC 29
Edwards, Lt. , served in Korea US 16,18-21,22,25,27,28,49, 52,59,91,150, 151
Ehrfurt, Fritzie WHF 43
Elizondo, Eduardo WHF 40
Elder, Gustave A. (Dutch, 1917-72), office manager for the D.A., killed AP 68; PC 100-105
Elder, Miriam (Mimi) (1921-), married to Gustave Elder PC 137-41,172
Elizondo, Danilo, policeman in Barrones, Tamaulipas PC 183
Elizondo, Rosendo old policeman in Barrones, Tamaulipas AP 75 f.
Eloy, Father, priest BF 114,149
Escamilla, Heriberto CV 63
Escandón, José, first explorer and colonizer of the Valley CV 115,129; EV 118,127; TV 37,47,87
Escobar Family BF 116,130
Escobar, Charlie, Sarah’s brother BF 15,72,84,136,138,140, 153,156,157
Escobar, Irineo (Ira), son of Vidala Leguizamón Levya and Nemesio Escobar, candidate and commissioner for the Leguizamón interests, married Rebecca Caldwell BF; DR 13-56,67 f.; MQR 9-51,58-59; RW 23-26,64,67, 102
Escobar, Nemesio, married Vidala Leguizamón Levya, father of Ira E. BF 97; DR 16; MQR 11; RW 23
Escobar, Rebecca (Becky), daughter of Catarino Caldwell, married Ira Escobar, divorced, married Jehú Malacara BF; DR 14-56,83-85; MQR 10-51,72-74; RW 24
Escobar, Sarah, daughter of Rebecca BF 15,75,84,137,138, 140,153,156,157
Escobedo, Lucas, Mexicano politician from Jonesville CV 199 f.
Esparza, Marcos, Mexican rancher by the Rio RW 72
Esparza, Pablo WHF 43
 Espinel family, one of the leading drug families of Northern Mexico AP 155 f. 173
Espinosa, Ismael WHF 44, 66-68
Espinoza, Miss, clerk at the tax assessor’s office, Belken County
Estapa, Rosendo, works for the K.C. Water District EV 130; TV 90
Estrada, Anselmo, neighbor to the Buenrostro family CV 167
Estudillo, Daniel, uncle of Andrés Malacara BF 52
Estudillo, José Francisco de Paula (Packy,1920-), car thief AP 14 f.,21;PC 185 f. 202-28
Estudillo, Lorenza, married Marcial de Anda KC 34
Eubanks, Joseph Orr Edwards WHF 81-82,83-98
Eusis, George WHF 104
Evans, Hughes, colonel in Korea RW 112
Evitts, Dutch, killed in Korea US 135
Ewald, Loren O., judge PC 173

Fairbanks, Drew WHF 87,95-112
Fairbanks, Pamela WHF 111-2
Fallon, lawyer US 138
Fannin, Col., executed during the Texas rebellion 1835-36 EV 122; TV 79

Farías, deaf mute farmhand, killed AP 4, 93, 168
Farías, Enriqueta see Vidaurri de Farías
Farías, Maggie KC 108
Farías, Virginia, sister of Barbarita’s mother, married Justo Buenrostro CV 183
Farías (de Celaya), Barbarita, maternal aunt of Braulio Tapa EV 122; TV 79; CV 181 f.
Farmer, Henry "Ichabod", served in Korea US 41,51 f.,54,66,83,90,112, 118,123, 148,151 f.,173
Fernandez, Chico, worker on the Mo-Pac line TV 58
Fernández, Dina WHF 64
Figuera, Pepe, attorney in Mexico EV 29; TV 28
Figueroa, Chalo, with Valley Movers BF 23
Figueroa, Charlie WHF 65
Fikes, Harold, judge, under KBC influence DR 77; KC 66; MQR 31,66 f.
Finley, Chuck WHF ^4
Fira see Luján de Castro, Ofira
Fischer, Camila, daughter of Fabian, married Juan Eugenio Gutierrez Guzmán DR 94
Fischer, Fabian, German, married Florentina Anzaldua Cano, father of Camila. DR 94
Fischer Gutierrez, Rufino, son of Juan Eugenio Gutierrez Guzmán, WW II veteran, landowner, cousin to Jehú Malacara, related to the Buenrostro family through Andrés Rincón Buenrostro, also related to the Cano family DR 37,94-97,99; MQR 31
Flaherty, Martin, cook, served in Korea US 83
Fleming Lt., served in Korea US 16,48,51 f.,56,58,76,105,117,137,151 f.,154, 170,180,185
Fletcher, Ben, US army KLS 5
Florentino, Don, cantina owner TV 100
Flores, Carmen, married to Juan F. CV 71
Flores, Joaquin, self-taught musician, Baptist, married Mercedes Saucedo, married Consuelo Barcenas CV 65-75
Flores, Juan, uncle to Joaquin F. CV 71
Flores, Leo WHF 18-20,76,104
Fong, Alfonso WHF 15
Fonseca, Tome (Three), pool player EV 184; TV 53
Frawley, Morris, Anglo party man CV 199 f.
Frazier, Billy Don WHF 111
Frazier, Hook, soldier, killed in Korea 1951 KLS 13,22 f.,27,29,32,33,35-38,50; RW 71,74, 83,91-96,104,108,112; US passim 15,17,24-26,27-37,39,57,58, 59,72, 81,90,94-96,112,118,122,140,148,156,158,166
French, Tucker, Veterans’ Administration adviser DR 133; MQR
Fujiwara, Kazuo, Japanese veteran US 90,159,168
Fukuda, Mosako, Japanese prostitute KLS 41 f.
Furriel Bros., tent show owners TV 33
Furriel, Nestor CV 149-51

Gaddis & Gaddis, attorneys MQR 31; DR 38
Galindo, P. (1908-60), journalist, writer, died of cancer BF 9,27,31,145,156; CV 53, 67-131,195; DR 7-9,35,63-134,103; GS 97-11; KC 7,54-62,101; MQR 7 f.,55-112,90 f.; RW 21 f.,55 f.
Galindo, Paulita, wife of P. Galindo BF 31,145
Gallardo, Blanca, married Lisandro Gómez Solís, mother of the Soís twins AP 114 f.
Galván twins WHF 40
Gamboa family, friends of Jehú Malacara DR 35; MQR
Garcés, Evarista, driver for the KBC RW 18,20
Garcés, Nacha RW 20
García, Effie WHF 62
Gardel, Carlos, singer BF 104; US 99
Garrido Family, old family, goes back to 1749 and Escandón, related to the Tapa family EV 88: KC 131; TV 78,80,122
Garrido, Evaristo, old revolutionary soldier, fathered three illegitimate children BF 46; CV 131,147; DR 108; EV 122 f.; TV 29,78,80 f.
Garrido Paras, Natalia, daughter of Evaristo G. EV 122
Garstiewicz, runner, served in Korea US 33 f.
Garza, judge AP 178 f.
Garza, Alejandro PC 229-35
Garza, Nelly WHF 43
Garza, Oscar, car-wash owner in Bascom PC 154
Garza, Ritchie, killed in Korea KC 73
Gavaldón, Julio, married Fani Olmedo, drowned in 1950 CV 21
Gavira, Leocadio, truck driver CV 207; KC 48,51 f.,54-62
Gavito, Adolfo WHF 67
Gibson, Agnes WHF 46
Gilbert, Rhonda and Winona, sisters AP 107
Gillette, Harmon, owner of the Anglo print shop in K.C. and publisher of the local newspaper, married Viola Barragán, died of pancreatic cancer BF 26,38; CV 55,57,161--65; DR 81; KC 121; MQR 27,70
Glover, Gladys WHF 77
Glover, Horace WHF 77
Godfrey, Phil WHF 56
Godoy, Chabela, ran a house in K.C. RW 20
Goebbels, Dr., Nazi minister of propaganda AP 183 f.
Goebbels, Magda, his wife AP 184
Gold, Mr., principal of First Ward Elementary School in K.C. EV 100; TV 67
Golden Family, Jewish family in K.C. US 79
Goldston, Gloria WHF 8
Gómez, Hipólito CV 221
Gómez, José Antonio, one of the twin sons of Lisandro, criminal, killed himself AP 4, 187-89,192-95

Gómez, Inocencio, farmer, father to Felipe Segundo and Lisandro Gómez Solís AP 101
Gómez, Juan Carlos, one of the twin sons of Lisandro, killed by Eduardo Salinas AP 4,
Góngora family, one of the ruling drug families in Northern Mexico AP 155,173
González Family, holy rollers BF 30
González, Antonio ( -1922), father of Saul BF 148
González, Henry, nephew to Saul, veteran, married Emma Zepulveda BF 146,148
González, Mike WHF 14
González, Plácido, domino and checkers player, never married CV 219
González, Rafa, soldier in training CV 58
González, Ralph, served in Korea US 186
González, Sally WHF 40-41
González, Saul (Drinks), sexton BF 146-150
Goodman, Benny, bandleader US 99
Goodman, John F. (1885-  ), U.S. army, widowed RW 86-89
Gordon, Joseph, soldier in Korea RW 112
Gottlieb, Lulu, married Ned Park’s brother KC 138
Gottschalk, enos WHF 88
Gottschalk, Merle, patrolman KC 140; MQR 86; DR 99
Grau, in Mexico City EV 31; TV 31
Grayson, Laura Castanón de, married Randolph, suicide AP 28-30, 108,169-71,174-76179187-89,
Grayson, Randolph Jason, pilot from Edgerton, married, killed AP 14,29 f.
Green, William Paul minister AP 195
Guajardo, Mexican, court-martialled and shot EV 29-31; TV29-31
Guerra, Beatriz WHF 16-20,55
Guerra, Eulalio “Lalo” WHF 17,18-20,76-
Guerra, Ronnie WHF 13,
Guerrero, Consuelo (Conce, Nellie), daughter of Gervasio G., married Rafa Buenrostro, drowned ten months after CV 21,37; KC 71 f.,78,142; KLS 39 f.
Guerrero, Gervasio, form Relámpago, married Margarita Modesta, father of Consuelo, Delfina, and Sofia G., drowned CV 185
Guerrero, Delfina, oldest sister of Consuelo, married Rómulo Segura, leaves him to live with Angela Vielma CV 37; DR 15,40,70; MQR 33,61
Guerrero, Margarita, first cousin to Susana Andrea, married to Gervasio, drowned KC 78; CV 182
Guerrero, Sofia, sister to Consuelo CV 37
Guevara, Maggie, coffee house owner KC 40
Guevara, Moises, car salesman, lover of Rita Loera CV 85-101
Gutierrez Guzmán, Juan Eugenio, married Camila Fischer, father of Rufino Fischer Gutierrez DR 94; MQR 82
Guzmán Family BF 49,50
Guzmán, Amadeo, son of Manuel, killed in WW II KC 59
Guzmán, Aniceto and Cosmé, farm workers for the Solís family AP 102
Guzmán, Jay Jay WHF 40
Guzmán, Josefa, orphan of Carrion family, married Manuel G., raised five children BF 101; EV 123; GS 83-85; KC 21,38,41-45; TV 81,105
Guzmán, Manuel (1883-), old revolutionary with Villa and Obregón, settled first in Flora, then in K.C., horse breaker, dairy farmer, owner of three dry cleaning shops, constable, died peacefully of a cerebral stroke BF 101; CV 79,131,217; DR 108 f.; EV 45,51,97,101,123 f.,126,128; GS 61-65,87; KC 11,17,38 f.,41-45,52,54,59,96,100 f.,103 f.,112-15,134; MQR 95; RW 55,68; TV 24,58,60,65,81 f.,84,105

Hackett, Boyd, chief of FBI in Klail AP 31, 84 f., 89
Hadley, Babs, classmate of Jehú’s and Rafe´s KC 140; US 122
Haley, Carol, married Ed Dickman RW 102
Haney, Joe PFC, served in Korea US 62
Hardy, soldier in Korea RW 70
Hargan, Joseph T., died in WW II TV 107
Haskell, Howard, landowner, married Berta Tuero, owner of Haskell-Hunter Hide and Leather Company RW 51-59
Harris, Susan, nurse KLS 39
Hatalski, Frank (1915-51) sergeant, killed in Korea KLS 12,14,22,23,27,29, 32,33 f.,35-37,50,53; RW 14-16,44,60,69-71,74 f.,83,91,105,108,112; US passim 15, 17,22-37,29,65,71,95,97,103,112,118,122,125,130,137,141, 156, 158,166,188
Hauer, Peter, detective AP; PC 7-246,149,166,245
Hayes, Jack Cpt., served in Korea US 187 f.
Hearn, Robert E. Lee, judge PC 10
Henderson, (Ned) Edmund RW 42-46,49,66 f.,69,83,99 f.,105
Henderson, Richard, runner, served in Korea US 78
Hendricks, Jake, Dellis County clerk DR 95; MQR 83
Hengston, Wallace, tire vendor, married Ciriaca Maldonado RW 89
Hentrich, Martin, soldier in Korea RW 112
Hennington, Carmelita, married Clemente Leguizamón, barren, divorced, moved to Veracruz CV 215; EV 127; TV 86
Hernández, Letti WHF 40
Hernandez, Paula, married to Rodolfo US 186
Hernandez, Rodolfo, father of Rudy US 186
Hernandez, Rudy Cpl., from Bascom, served in Korea US 159,163,170,185, 186-89
Herrero, Rodolfo, general in the Mexican Revolution 29-30; TV 29-30
Hill, Robert Medical Orderly, served in Korea US 90 f.
Hinojosa, Romeo Attorney BF 14 f.,23,143,158; EV 92-102; TV 55-70
Hitler, Adolf KC 130; TV 72
Hocks, Russ, served in Korea US 115
Holguín, Higinio, married a widow, Dulcesnombres de Jesús Buenrostro, grandfather to Genoveva H. CV 119
Holguin, Genoveva, married Prudencio Vielma CV 119
Holland, Epifania, Estéfana? a poor mexicana, married to Martín BF 30
Holland, Martín, U.S. army, married to Epifania, father of Fira Holland, alias Ofira Luján BF 20,30; RW 89
Hollis, divorced by Heidi Simpson BF 121
Hoppe, Guy WHF 56
Hoskins, Elmer, football coach KC 72
Houston, Sam WHF 91
Huddleston, Robert WHF 63
Huerta, Mexican general TV 31
Hufsteder, Johnny, from Klail Paint, a KBC store RW 25
Huntley WHF 71

Imás, Tomas, Michigan-born Mexican, lay preacher CV 77-83,163; GS 25-45; KC 81-101
Izaguirre, owner of a restaurant CV 86

Jackaman Mrs. WHF 117
Jacobs, Max WHF 107,109
Jara, Victor (Piruli, Karamel), labor contractor EV 48 f.,129; KC 48,56-58,100; TV 89 f.,109
Jasso, Sóstenes, married Jacinto Carmona, widowed GS 13-19; KC 20-24
Jasso, Herminia, sister to Sóstenes, married Julian Buenrostro KC 20
Jeffords (Professor) WHF 63
 Jenkins, Carl, served in Korea US 178
Jiménez, Cadeyreta, Mexican soldier TV 29
John, Anthony Lt. , killed in Korea US 51 f.,76,93,151
Johnson, Albert, served in Korea US 187
Jones, Billy Earle WHF 84
Jolson, Al, singer US 152
Jordan, Frank, policeman PC 135

Jurado, Adam, assistant at the DA office AP 108

KBC interests, the corporation of the Klail, Blanchard and Cooke families; they control among others the Ranch, the Bank, numerous enterprises and county politics DR 102; PC 77
Keith, colonel in Korea, killed himself KLS 15; US 103,109
Kell, Terry, sergeant, served in Korea KLS 7; RW 105
Kennedy, J.F.K., U.S. president BF 72
Kennedy, Robert WHF 27
Kenton, Stan, bandleader US 99
Kesselring, German general in WW II KC 129
Kiel, served in Korea US 120
King, Martin Luther WHF 27
Kinney, captain, chaplain in Korea CV 153
Kirkpatrick, Nellie, sister of Arnold Perkins, married Tinker K., widowed, typing instructor at K. C. High School BF 121 f.; DR 17 f..,28; MQR 12,22
Kirkpatrick, Tinker, married sister of Arnold Perkins DR 17 f.
Kiser, Bill, killed in Korea US 172,185
Klail Family, moved in after 1865, allied with the Blanchard and Cooke families, together they form the KBC interests BF 21,87; KC 105; DR 102
Klail, Flora, daughter of Rufus T. K., never married EV 33; TV 34
Klail, Capt. Rufus T. (1850-1912) creator of the Ranch, on which more than 500 families depended, and so-called "founder“ of Klail City (Llano Grande), PC 155; EV 33; KC 40,111; RW 73; TV 34; VC 10
Klail, Jr. Rufus T. (Junior), millionaire son of Rufus T. K. (1850-1912), married Anna Faye, third or fourth of the line, ran the Bank DR 26; KC 20,80; RW 7-12,27-32,35,52,62-64
Krindler, Otis, business manager for Pratt & Hoskins, attourneys PC 41,57, 60-66
Kocurek, Kaz, from Pittsburgh, tire dealer, married to Mary C. K, related to the Ponders RW 81
Kokada, Hanako, Japanese prostitute KLS 48 f.
Koy, Teddy, cook, served in Korea US 83
Kuykendall, Thomas, Cpt. , served in Korea US 39,53 f.
Kyle, Bruce WHF 12-13,16-20,33,95-98
Kyle, Tommie, employee of the KBC families DR 107; MQR 94

Lalanda, Martín, merchant in Flora CV 103,109,217; EV 133-35; TV 94-97
Lamadrid, Alberto, Mexican from Edgerton CV 203
Landero, Estelle PC 30,32-44
Landín Family, landowners west of K. C., allied to the Ledesma family DR 39,95; MQR 83; PC 15
Landín, Cástulo DR 30; MQR 24
Landry, Tom WHF 76
Lara family, famous for their baptism parties CV 31
Lara, Maria, brothel keeper in Flora KC 22,112,115
Lara, Helisa, married Severo de los Santos, died under the care of Agustín Peñalosa KC 116
Lártigue, Elena, lover of Jehú Malacara CV 61
Lawsom, Andy, soldier in Korea RW 84
Leal family, owner of the tortilla machine in K.C. TV 65
Leal, Chago, electrician BF 40,42,43,45,46
Leal, David, graduated with Rafa Buenrostro, killed in Korea KC 73
Leal, Felix, killer PC 229
Leal, Luis, old revolutionary, Mexican DR 109; KC 112,126,135; RW 55
Leal, Ramiro, married Bertita Tamez, left for West Texas EV 47,50 f.,97; TV 58,65
Leary, James P., army chaplain US 184
Ledesma Family, old family with grant lands, allied to the Landín family DR 30,73,95; MQR
Ledesma, Armando, went to Mexico to avoid the draft CV 17
Ledesma, Italo, landowner, father of Tacho, DR 30,95; MQR 82 f.
Ledesma, Tacho, son of Italo L., inherits the Cástulo Landín property west of K. C. DR 30f.
Lee, Jim, sheriff in Flora PC 69
Leguizamón Family, land owning family at Edgerton, late comers to Belken county after 1865, from Mexico, spread to Bascom, Flora, Ruffing, Jonesville-on-the-Rio, served Anglo Texan interests, four generations, neighbors to the Buenrostro lands BF 9,16,20,34,49,65,110,113,116,130, 140; CV 145 f.; DR 25,27,94; EV 127 f.; KC 18,26-30; MQR 11,19 f.,21,83; RW 11,21,23,35,54,63,67 f.,88; TV 75 f.,79,86-88
Leguizamón, Alejandro (  -1946, son of Clemente L., sided with Anglos, rewarded with 8,000 acres in Ruffing, killed by Julian Buenrostro after killing Jesús Buenrostro CV 33; EV 127 f.; KC 29,122 f.;RW 68; TV 87
Leguizamón, Antonia, daughter of Clemente L., married one of the rich Blanchards, her sons and daughters dropped the L. part of their names EV 127 f.; RW 68; TV 87
Leguizamón, Antonia, married the first Jim Cooke to come to the Valley RW 68
Leguizamón, César (1882-1945), son of Clemente L., shot dead by Rangers EV 127 f.; TV 87
Leguizamón, Clemente, married Carmelita Hennington, married again, Diamantina Lerdo; father of Alejandro, Antonia,Cesar, Javier, Martin, killed in a shootout with the Vilches and Malacara families EV 127 f.; TV 86-88
Leguizamón, Javier (1889- ), son of Clemente, hanger-on and messenger boy for the KBC interests, rewarded with land in the West, next to the Buenbrostro lands, buying land around them; branching out into wholesale grocery, adding a chain of department stores, land trading. Loves: Viola Barragán, Gela Maldonado, married Angelita Villalobos BF 15,50; CV 73,145-47,201-05,215,152; DR 22,27-29,33,124-26; EV 39,42,119; KC 118 f.; MQR 22,88,107 f.; RW 8,9,24,27,32,35,51,63,68; TV 75,86-88,99;
Leguizamón, Martin (1889-1928), twin to Javier, died of alcoholism TV 87
Leguizamón, Vidala, niece of Javier L., married Nemesio Escobar MQR 72,83,107; RW 35
Leo Brother, Greek teacher US 36
Leon, Antero de, a slow kid TV 18
Leon, Catarina de, married Manzur Chajin EV 125; TV 83
Leon, Peter de, killed in Korea US 135
Leon, Toral de EV 82
Leonard, Chuck, soldier in Korea RW 92-96
Lerdo family, old family, came with Escandón in 1749, allied with the Leguizamón family TV 87
Lerdo, Diamantina, married Clemente Leguizamón, died after being bitten by a rabid dog in 1904  EV 86; TV 127
Lerma Family, landowners in Dellis County, allied with the Cruz and Fischer Gutierrez families, also related to the Malacara and Buenrostro families through Andrés Rincón Buenrostro
Lerma, Chago EV 130; DR 37; MQR 31; TV 90
Levy, Mark WHF 3
Levya Family, of ill repute BF 9,34,51, 56,113;
Levya, Angustias, married Nemesio Escobar BF 97
Levya, Arturo, book keeper for the Torres Bros. CV 59,139; DR 119 f.; EV 44,125 f.; KC 129; MQR 103 f.; RW 22; TV 83-85,104
Levya, Pete, labor contractor KC 52
Levya, Susana, married Abel Manzano RW 109
Lewis Major, served in Korea US 70
Li, Santiago WHF 15,16
Limon, José, academic DR 8; MQR 8; RW Dedication
Lindstrom, Marty, son of the owner of Lindstrom’s Feed and Seed PC 145-48
Ling, Jerry, runner, served in Korea US 156
Listener, The (1946- ), anonymous, related to Jehú BF 96,98,103,110, 114,123,130
Loera, Domingo, illegitimate son of Andrés Malacara KC 102; BF 55
Loera, Ignacio, clothes salesman, married to Rita L. CV 85-101
Loera, Rita, sales clerk in a Flora pharmacy, married to Ignacio BF 54; CV 85-101
Logan Family, employed Tina Ruiz US 150
Longley, colonel, divorced, ran away with the Mexican maid KC 193
Longley, F. Gary WHF 79-82
Longley, J.D. (18 -1933), son of the colonel KC 193
Longoria, Crisóstomo (18..-1933), uncle of Esteban Echeverría RW 109; CV
Longoria, Quirino, truck owner CV 77,79
Longoria, Viterbo, dependent on KBC, retired RW 20
López, Enedíno Broca GS 151-57
Loudermilk Hall, Molly, classmate of Jehú’s RW 137 f.
Loya, Abrán, worker CV 215
Loyoza, Roberto, political candidate for the Leguizamón family CV 203
Lozano, Malaquías, uncle of Esteban Echeverría RW 109
Lozano, Mary, teller at the Bank PC 101
Lucero, Damian (Ecce Homo), farmhand, grave digger, mechanic BF 104; GS 129; KC 122-28
Lucio's, restaurant in Klail AP 96
Luján, Ofira, from Jonesville-on-the-Rio, alias Fira Holland, prostitute working at a cantina of Andrés Malacara, married Elias Castro BF 20,30; CV 11-13; EV 43; KC 103; TV 103
Luke, Frank, pilot in WW I KC 89
Luna, Ambrosio, worked for El Barco Zaragoza AP 146-49
Luna, Ramón, great-grandfather of Lucas Escobedo CV 203
Lundquist, Mrs. DR 69; MQR
Luz, Maria de la, mistress of Dr. Olivares PC 244

MacArthur, Arthur, U.S. general US 74,95,98,160,172; TV
McCoy Family, landowners near Relámpago DR 33; MQR 27
McClarity, Mary Jane, teacher  KC 142
McCreedy, John, army chaplain, served in Korea KLS 23-25,53
MacDougall, Peggy, hatchet killer of her husband PC 68,173-176
Macías Family BF 103
Macías, Ana Maria, servant RW 90
Macías, Cayetano (Tano), father to Otila who married Alfredo Ramón Rosales BF 103
Macías, Claudia, servant RW 90
Macías, Elodia, servant RW 90
Macias, Fred Capt.,Lt. , served in Korea US 45,49,50,63 f.,84,183
Macías, Rosendo, father of Ana Maria, Claudia, Elodia, manager of Grogan’s packing shed RW 90
McIlhenny, Curtis, lawyer PC 173
McIntyre, Benito H., gangster AP 135
McKinley, U.S. president BF 108
McKinlow, David PC 54,
Mackintaya, Benjamin, married a Vidaurri girl CV 219
McLemore, Cutchie, County Court commissioner, controlled by KBC interests RW 50
McMichaels, Terry, Treasury agent PC 151,159-61;
McQueen, Junior, electrician to Klail Electric BF
McQuillen, Johnny, U.S, army RW 86
Madero, Mexican president, assassinated TV 31
Magallanes, Linda WHF 66
Maggio, Betsy WHF 40
Maguire, Frankie, served in Korea US 41,53,80
Maharg, deputy sheriff RW 88
Malacara Family, old family in unshakeable alliance with the Vilches and the Garrido families, bought back some land lost to the McCoy and Ridings families BF 49,50,110; DR 33; EV 122,127; TV 80,111; RW 109
Malacara, Andrés (Uncle Andy) (1897, March 23-  ), born on the Toluca ranch, uncle to Jehú and brother to Roque M., dairy farmer on the Rio, owner of several cantinas, father of several illegitimate sons: Felix Bustos, Felix Champion, Domingo Loera, no legal children BF 48-54,52,101; KC 100,102-04; TV 57
Malacara, Aureliana, married to Andrés M. RW ; KC 102-04
Malacara, Cipriano Villegas (1855-1933), father of Andrés, Mercedes, and Roque? CV 11
Malacara, Jehú, son of Roque M., born on Vidaurri land near Relámpago, cousin to Rafa Buenrostro, orphaned, provided for by the El Carmen Buenrostros, army chaplain in Korea, student in Austin, teacher, loan officer first at K. C.’s Savings and Loan, then at First National, womanizer: Olivia San Esteban, Sammie Jo Perkins, Becky Escobar, Irene Paredes, a. o., marries Becky, becomes vice president of the Bank BF 14,17,37 f.,41 f.,53 f.,57,59 f.,75 f., 76-80,84, 89 f.,93 f.,96,100,101,104,110,114,120,122,124 ff.,128,130,140, 142,144, 149,150,152,156; CV 19,29,39,41,49,57, 61-65,67-75,133-69,175; DR 13-134; GS 25-45,53-57,127-41,168-77; KC 7,35,59,79-110; MQR 8,9-112; PC 58 f.,75,78-84,108-10, 113-17,151-61,218-20; EV 18-32,48,50 f.166; KLS 4; RW 7-12,21-32,47,50-59,68,97,102; TV 14-41,47,88,99,109,111 f.; WHF 40,72,11-18
Malacara, Roque, married Maria Teresa Vilches, father of Jehú, died young EV 16,18,50,122; TV 12,14
Malacara, Tere (Maria Teresa, née Vilches Noriega), daughter of Jehú Vilches, granddaughter of Braulio Tapia, and great granddaughter of Albinita Buenrostro, married Roque M., died young EV 16,17, 44,50,122; TV 12,13,79,104,
Malacara Briones, Mercedes (Chedes“), sister to Roque and Andrés M., married Juan Briones, aunt to Jehú M.  EV 19-22; TV 16,20,32
Maldonado, Ciriaca, twin sister of Santos, married Wallace Hengston RW 64,89
Maldonado, Efraín, cowboy, father to Ciriaca and Santos, quit KBC Ranch to work for Celso Villalón RW 64,89
Maldonado, Gela, kept by Javier Leguizamón for thirteen years, sets up a department store BF 28; CV 145; DR 28,89; EV 39,42; KC 119; MQR 22,78; TV 75,99
Maldonado, Jesse, lawyer PC 173
Maldonado, Santos, twin sister to Ciriaca, married George Markham RW 64,76,89,109 f.
Malone, Merle WHF 95-112
Manrique, Gómez KC 40
Manzano Family, have a noble reputation BF 67,71
Manzano, Abel (1882- ), born on Campacuás ranch, married Susana Levya, father to Leonor RW 109 f.
Manzano, Leonor, daughter of Abel, married Gustavo Buentello RW 109 F.
Manzano, Leola, mother of Elvira Navarrete BF 71

Marconi, Guglielmo US 28
Markham, Billy, son of George, worked at the Bank RW 10,64
Markham, George (Choche) (1894- ), ex-Texas Ranger, a satellite of the Leguizamón-Perkins orbit, married Santos Maldonado DR 99; GS 11 f.; KC 16-19,29 f.; MQR 85,86; RW 63,72,76,86-89,109 f.
Marroquín, Ernesto gangster AP 135
Marroquín, Marcos, distributors of newspapers CV 87
Martin, Bob Cpl. , served in Korea US 60
Martin, Don,served in Korea RW 105
Martínez, Lucy WHF 53
Mata, Graciela, servant to the Blanchards RW 20
Mata de Varela, Margarita, maid for Theodore Crixell, mother of Cecilia and Daniel Varela AP 36-40
Meacham, Tinsley WHF 21
Mejía Family, took in Gilberto Castaneda when orphaned EV 100,129; TV 67,89
Melguizo, Marco Antonio (El Tuerto), soldier in the Mexican Revolution EV 30; TV 30
Méndez, Gil WHF 40
 Merritt Lt. , served in Korea US 16,94,154,185
Mirilla, Mexican horse trader TV 28
Moeckle, Ralph WHF 83
Moeckle, Traudi WHF 77,79-82,8390
Molden, Joe, nephew of Wallace Parkinson, detective, married to Myrna AP 11; PC 7-246
Molden, Myrna, married to Joe PC 166,246
Molina, Tony Federal Marshall AP 34
Moncivais, Luisito, works at the brick place CV 137; EV 94
Montelongo, Amado, soldier in Korea, died at home CV 58
Montelongo, Emma, sister to Amado M. CV 58
Monroy, Ester, married Emilio Tamez,divorced CV 133; DR 116,127; KC 33; MQR 101; BF 55,56
Monroy, Lucia (1898- ), niece to Esteban Echecerría CV 129
Monroy, Raúl, brother to Ester BF 56
Moody, Harv, classmate of Jehú’s, cousin to Royce Westlake KC 140
Moody, Phil police officer at Vice Deptartment AP 116
Moore Bros., two black players on the Flora baseball team TV 85
Moore, Liz Ann, classmate to Jehú’s KC 137 f.,139
Moore, T.J., deputy sheriff RW 77
Mora, Amador, died in WW II KC 37,39
Mora, Ambrosio, son of Aureliano, soldier in WW II, shot and killed by Augie van Meers in Flora EV 163; GS 11 f.; KC 17 f.,36-41; RW 63,76,80,110; TV 45
Mora, Antonio, twin to Julio, died KC 39
Mora, Aureliano, married Obdulia Santoscoy, father of five sons and a daughter GS 145-51; KC 36
Mora, Eufrasio, son of Aureliano KC 36
Mora, Julio, son of Aureliano, died KC 39
Mora, Serafino, son of Aureliano, left Belken County to work for Inland Steel, died KC 39
Mora, Reverend BF 103
Morales Family, brick makers BF 41,103

Morales, Creencio WHF 92
Morales, Pete WHF 86, 91-94,105-9
Morales, Tecla, sister to Tiburón, nursemaid to the Solís family AP 94
Morales, Tiburón, farm worker for the Solís family AP 5, 78 f., 92-96, 100-104,122 f.
Morales, Turnio, cross-eyed waiter working for Barron CV 137-43,161; MQR 95,100; DR 108
Moreno, Ruby, classmate of Jehú’s, bouncer at the Aqui me Quedo bar DR 115; RW 102
Morgan, Chili, police laboratory worker PC 163
Morgan, Tom WHF 3
Morley, classmate of Jehus DR 24; MQR 18
Morrison, commanding officer, died in Korea CV 159
Mothersill, Howard, served in Korea US 173
Mosako see Fukuda, Mosako
Mosqueda, Jacob, soldier in Korea KLS 36 f.; RW 70,108,112; US 115,166
Moy, Miss, teacher in K.C. EV 159; TV 43
Moy, Myrlene AP 12
Moya, Ramiro WHF 61
Munguía, Abelardo WHF 41
Munguía, Alberto WHF 40
Munguilla Bros., brick makers, funeral parlor BF 41
Murguía de Salazar, Candelaria ( La Turca ), married Epigmenio Salazar CV 59, 139; DR 119; EV 4o,42,178: KC 129,131; MQR 103; RW 22; TV 84,104
Murillo, Young, son in law to Victor Solís CV 133; DR 116; EV 40,42,178; KC 26,27,46,72,77,105,141; TV 50,100,102
Murray, Lucille WHF 116
Múzquiz, Dorotea, married to Esteban, killed in an accident KC 67
Múzquiz, Esteban, married to Dorotea, father to Claudia, who married Teodoro Rivas; killed in accident KC 67
Nakamura, Tommie farmer next to Israel Buenrostro AP 11
Naranjo Bros., shot by Rangers near El Carmen ranch in 1915 RW 109 f.
Navarrete Family, came to Texas around 1840 BF 34,49,71,113,150
Navarrete, Elvira, from a poor family, married Catarino Caldwell, mother of Becky C. BF 9, 13 f.,21,26 f.,63 f.,66, 69 f.,71,73,97,106,109,119,132, 137,138-41 ; DR 14,73; MQR 10,64; RW 24
Navarrete, Julio BF 27,28,29,52,146
Navarrete, Pascual, older brother to Elvira, married Nora Salamanca BF 71,73,129
Navarrete, Pepe, younger brother to Elvira BF 129
Navarro, Horacio, friend of the Peralta twins KC 139
Nebnezahl, Harry, from Klail City AP 135
Negrete, Cas WHF 40
Negrete, Chago, barber shop KC 105
Nieto, Gaspar, married Maria de la Concepción Hirsch BF 129
Nix, Jim, served in Korea US 173
Noriega, restaurant owner MQR 98; DR 108

Obregón, Alvaro, political leader in the Mexican Revolution, assassinated EV 30,45,123; KC 44 f.; TV 28,79 f.,81 f.
Ochoa, Bill and Tippy, florists BF 112 f.,123
Ochoa Judge AP 13,110
Odem, Bud, Ford dealer in K.C. PC 202
Ogden, Alpha, director of the Flora asylum, dying of cancer PC 72
Ogura, Yoshiko, ran a brothel in Tokyo US 99,150,162
Olivares family, called the Cheeses CV 213
Olivares, Epaminondas KC 89,95; RW 95
Olivares, Dr. Juan José, Mexican drug dealer AP 69, 72 f. 80, 141; PC 229-44
Olmedo, Fani, married Julio Gavaldon, widowed CV 21; KC 108

Olmedo, Noé , friend of the Peralta twins KC 139
Olvera Family, related to the Silva family US 95
Olvera, Connie WHF 112
Ordway General WHF 101-02
Ornelas, Gualberto O.M.I. (Oblate of Mary Immaculate), priest BF 114-117,148,149,; KC 75
Ornelas, Juvencio, candy man, married to Petronila, father of Gualberto, died of diabetes BF 149
Ornelas, Petronila, married to Juvencio BF 149
Orr, Tippy, from Edgerton, married Buddy Paxton, RW 103
Ortega, Chano, son of Tina Ruiz de Ortega, soldier, died in France 1944 EV 158; TV 43
Ortegón, Gertrudis (Sister John Birkman), sister to Julia BF 69
Ortegón, Julia, piano teacher, daughter of a Rincón, cousin to Rafa BF 63-68,75,109,114,126,143
Ortegón, Pepe, brother to Julia, TV weatherman BF 63
Ortegón, Urbano, uncle to Julia, bishop BF 66,70,114
Ortegón, Ursula, aunt to Julia BF 63,64,69-75,109,114,143
Ortegón, Carmen, sister of Julia, married Raúl Santoscoy BF 143,144
Osorio, Glafira WHF 43
Osorio, James, served in Korea US 118
Osuna, Ernesto, landowner south of Bascom RW 11,64
Osuna, Osbaldo, landowner RW 11,64
Osuna, Santos, farmer, cousin to Rafa PC 13-15

Palacios, Silvestre, chief inspector in Control, Tamaulipas AP 161
Paley (CBS) DR 26; MQR
Pancho, (la burra), an impostor EV 179; TV 51
Parás Family, related to the Macís and Buitureya families BF 103
Parás, Lauro, former assistant principal at K. C. High School DR 133
Parás, Sotero Garza, Mexican, married Natalia Garrido EV 122; TV 80
Pardue, Ben, soldier in Korea RW 13-16,33 f.,37 f.,49,60 f.,69-71,83 f.,99 f.,104-06,112; US 187
Paredes Family, old family RW 72
Paredes, Américo, from Jonesville-on-the Rio, professor at UT, Austin, author of “With is Pistol in His Hand,“ a book on corridos and the Valley, a friend of the author CV 77; EV 43; TV 78 f.,103; DR Dedication; WHF 79
Paredes, Irene, worked at the police laboratory, date of Jehú AP 108; BF 42; PC 58-220,120,158,191,193 f.,208,220
Parker, Colonel, U.S. army RW 87,89
Parkinson, (Big Foot) Wallace, sheriff, a KBC man  DR 15; KC 105-10; MQR  ; PC 6,47,246;
Parks, Ned, milkman, married Belinda Braun KC 138
Parra, Fidencio (Four Eyes) RW 81
Parra, Melesio, dairy farmer, killed in a duel KC 21f.
Patterson, O. E. (1896- ), married Jane Tuttle RW 67
Paul Pope BF 136
Paul, Wes WHF 55
Paula, promiscuous fiancée of Obdulio Yañez TV 50
Pavlovsky, Bernard, served in Korea US 51,71,80
Paxton family, employed Tina Ruiz US 150
Paxton, Bucky, Anglo friend of Jehú’s, killed himself RW 102
Paxton, Tippy Orr, widow of Bucky RW 103
Parra, Melesio, killed in duel KC 21 f.
Peinado, Chente CV 79
Peláez, Camilo, brother of Victor P., tent show owner CV 149; EV 25,28,50; TV 24,27,32
Peláez, Chucha, tent show artist EV 25,50
Peláez, Petrita Alarcón CV 149
Peláez, Saul, son of Victor P., died of influenza TV 26,30
Peláez, Tere, tent show artist EV 50; TV 25,111
Peláez, Victor (1887-1943), lieutenant colonel in the Mexican Army, emigrated to Texas, joined his bother Victor’s tent show, died in Flora BF 101; CV 169; DR 54; EV 23-32,123,133; RW 55; TV 21-32,74,81,84
Pennick, classmate of Jehú DR 24; MQR 18
Pennington, Laura, second wife to Big Ben Timmens BF 87
Penrose, business partner of Edwin Dickman RW 102
Penwick, Robert Stephenson, classmate of Jehú’s, head of Klail Independent Underwriters, a front for KBC KC 139 f.
Peña Family, related to the Zuniga, Gutierrez, and Cano families, living on both sides of the Rio DR 94 f.; MQR 82 f.
Peña, Estela, mother to Lázaro TV 83
Peña, Lázaro, baseball player TV 83
Peña, Tony, musician and bandleader RW 62
Peña, Vangie WHF 56
Peñalosa, Augustín, physician, married Viola Barragán, died of a lethal prescription BF 26,27,146,; DR 81n; KC 116 f.
Peñalosa, Bob, brother to Delia P., served KBC interests RW 54; CV 25
Peñalosa, Delia, secretary at the Veterans’ Administration RW 54; CV 25
Peralta Family, neighbors of the Buenrostros, intermarried BF 41
Peralta, Adrian, coyote at Belken County Court, father of Eugenio and Isidro P. DR 104; EV 131 f.; KC 138; MQR 92; TV 91 f.
Peralta, Domingo KC 138,141
Peralta, Eugenio (1939-1975), twin brother of Isidro, debt collector, married Hortensia Cáceres, killed by a brick BF 40; DR 104-07; MQR 92-94
Peralta, Eugenio Jr. (1959- ), son of Eugenio BF 40
Peralta, Fabian KC 138,141
Peralta, Isidro (1939- ), twin brother of Eugenio, married Eglantina Campos, widowed, married Maria del Refugio Beristain, five children, electrician BF 40-47; DR 104-07; MQR 92-94
Peralta, Isidro II (1961- ), son of Eugenio BF 40
Peralta, Juan Carlos CV 167,181,213
Perez BF 148
Perez Gomez, Juan WHF 30-35
Perkins, Arnold (Noddy) (1898- ), son of Raymond P., married Blanche Cooke, father of Sammie Jo P.,  Bank president for the KBC interests AP 17-20; BF 17, 22,28,57, 59,82 f.,88,93,95,116,117 f.,127 f.,140 f.,144,145,153,156; DR 13-57,63-128,88-90; MQR 9-51,71, 77 f.; PC 80.116; RW 7-12,21-32,35 f.,50-53,55-59, 62-64,68,81; WHF 72,114-18
Perkins, Charlie, member of the Texas-Mexican Liberating Army CV 35
Perkins, Raymond, fruit picker, father of Arnold, killed by a train DR 20; MQR 13 f.,19; RW 56
Perkins, Sammie Jo (1942- ), daughter of Arnold P., married Theodore P. Bradshaw, married Sidney Boynton, married Rafa Buenrostro BF 23,82,88,91,106,118-122,125,141,154; DR 20-56,86 f.; KC 139; MQR 14-51,75 f.,87; PC 77,164,167; RW 8,11,29 f.,39-41,47 f.,56,62
Perlman Cpt., physician, served in Korea US 165-69
Perlmutter Family, Jewish family in K.C. US 79
Perry, Billy Ed, cashier at the Merchants' Bank AP 46 f.
Perry, William, served in Korea RW 112
Petersen WHF 69-70
Petrucci, Sal Chaplain Assistant, served in Korea US 141
Phelps, Harrison, judge in the 139th District Court, K.C. BF 101; EV 99; TV 66
Phillips. Gwen, executive assistant to the D. A. AP 51; WHF 89
Pike, Johnnie, married to Ralph RW 77 f.
Pike, Knowlton, judge DR 38,76
Pike, Ralph, married to Johnnie, owner of a camera shop RW 77
Pilkington, Ted, fingerprint specialist in the police laboratory PC 137
Pioquinto see Reyes
Polacz, Victor WHF 61
Politz, Howard AP 112
Pompa, Edelmiro, boyhood friend of Jehú’s KC 82-87
Ponce, Trini EV 162; TV 44
Ponder, Bowly T.G., patrolman for the KBC interests, promoted to county deputy sheriff BF 59,93-95; DR 38,76,78, 96,98 f.; MQR 31,66 f.,83,85 f.,105 f.; PC 118; RW 30,53,55
Ponder, Dempsey, brother of Bowly P, fence-rider for the KBC Ranch, promoted to radio dispatcher BF 95; DR 76,98; MQR 66,85
Ponder, Sally, sister to Bowly, married a Bewley, Esther B.’s mother BF 95
Popnick, served in Korea US 50 f.
Posey, Joseph, policeman PC 134 f.
Postelle, Suzy, girlfriend of Ben Pardue RW 37 f.
Potter, killed in Korea KLS 34
Prado Family, from Barrones, Mexico, related to the Escobars DR 16; KC 141; MQR 11
Prado, Rafael, a cousin and classmate of Jehú’s, served in Korea, married a German, named Hannelore, game warden in Dellis County
Pratt, Jeremy, attourney PC 58-60
Prothro, Will, served in Korea US 94
Puig, Mauricia (1814- ), born in Spain, married a Campoy, mother of Jaume and Montserrat Campoy BF 107
Pulido, Benny, served in Korea US 118
Pulido, Odón, second husband of Reina Campoy BF 108
Pumarejo, Andy, worked in the Pikes’s store RW 77
Pumarejo, Leo, classmate of Rafa EV 160; TV 43
Purdy, Tom (1924- ), teacher in Michigan GS 111-14; KC 68 f.
Pylant, Perry, cuckolded husband PC 11
Pyle, Ernie, died in WW II KC 37

Quevedo, Gabriel hired killer from Control, Tamaulipas, AP 70-76, 140
Quevedo, Ramón Mexican hired killer, brother of Gabriel AP 70-76
Quick, Monsignore, bishop in Jonesville BF 116

Ramirez, Fred, son of Leopoldo, owner of four camera shops in the Valley PC
Ramirez, Fred, brother to Fred, co-owner PC
Ramirez, Leopoldo ( -1971), photographer, father of Leo and Fred PC
Ramirez, Lucy EV 160; TV 43
Ramirez, Molonco, farmer KC 47
Ramos-Botín, Dalia BF 132
Ramsey, Mayor WHF 21,22
Rawlins, Junior WHF 88
Reagan, Ronald, US President AP 89
Reese, Ned, Rotary member, works for  Arnold Perkins DR 32; MQR 26; RW 95
Regan, Charles, security officer at Bishop's Savings and Loan AP 50
Reguelta, Juan de Dios, Mexican soldier TV 29
Reyes, Nestor, nephew to Pius V, married Emma Castro KC 142
Reyes, Pius V, of Flora, book keeper for the Avila Bros., lover of Viola Barragán, died while making love to her BF 38; CV 165,211; EV 118-20,107; KC 121,125 f.,142; TV 46,74-77
Reyes de los, Maria see Campoy, Reina
Reyna Bros. troublemakers in bars EV 93; TV 58,63
Rhodes, Robert WHF 63,71
Rice, Wilburn, killed in Korea US 135
Richard, Pete, Cajun, owner of Pecten Cafe AP 22
Rickenbacher Cpt. , pilot in WW I KC 89
Ridgway Gen., served in Korea US 117,121,123,137,142, 148,173,179 f.
Riding Family, owned land near Relámpago, formerly owned by the Malacara family DR 33; MQR 27
Ridings, Marcia, editor for the Enterprise AP 57 f.,179
Ridler, Valerie, married a Westlake, mother to Royce W. KC 140
Ridler, Sybil, married a Moody, mother to Harv M. KC 140
Riley, soldier in Korea RW 70
Rincón Family, old family from the Escandón colonization, relates the Buenrostros to the Canos and Vilches; Rafa`s mother is a Rincón, so is his aunt Agnes BF 49,65
Rincón Buenrostro, Agnes [Aggie] (1903- ), Rafe's aunt, worked at Villa María and Mercy Hospital as Sister John Birkman AP 99, 114 f.
Ríos, Al WHF 40
Ríos, Chickie WHF 44,66
Ríos, Dan, manager of a Flora pawnshop AP 129, 133
Ripley Family, employed Tina Ruiz US 150
Rivas, Antero, head of the Barrones crime lab AP 153
Rivas, Claudia, married to Teodoro KC 67
Rivas, Teodoro, marrried to Claudia KC 64-67
Rivera, Blanca, married Pius V Reyes BF 38; EV 120; TV 76
Rivera, Erasmo, judge PC 218 f.
Rivera, Limon, brother to Blanca R. EV 120; TV 76
Rivera, Monche EV 173; TV 48
Rocha, Gustavo, killer killed AP 86, 102
Rodríguez, Eric WHF 26-39,41,42
Rodríguez, Nelly WHF 42-43
Rolllins, Debbie WHF 40
Rollins, Sonny, social worker in Flora’s asylum PC 46,70-75
Rommel, German general in WW II BF 35; KC 102,129 f.
Rommel, Manfred, son of the general, mayor of Stuttgart BF 35; KC 120
Roosevelt, F. D. U.S. President US 161
Rosales, Alfredo Ramón, undertaker BF 102,103,104
Rosales, Otila, daughter of Gayetano Macías, tailoress, married to Alfredo Ramón BF 103-106,114
Ross, runner, served in Korea US 151
Rouse, J.B. Sgt., served in Korea US 154
Royce, co-owner of Royce-Fedders tomato packing plant EV 95; TV 61,67
Rubinsky, Toby WHF 49
Ruelas, Amada WHF 44
Ruiz, Federico (Chancla), Mexicano politician in K. C. DR 63; MQR 55
Ruiz, Chano, Tina’s son, killed in WW II KLS 49 (cp. TV 43); US 95,150
Ruiz, David (Sonny) , served in Korea, deserted and settled in Japan with Tsuruko KLS 10,43 f.,49 f.; RW 100,104; TV 43; US 94 f.,150,158,161,169,172
Ruiz de Ortega, Tina, mother of Chano and David DR 119; EV 158; KLS 49; TV 43; US 95, 150,161,172
Ruiz, Ortega, father to Chano and David US 95
Ruiz, Tsuruko, Japanese wife of David US 161,169,172

St. John, Joylene WHF 43
Salamanca Family, came to the Valley around 1898, merchants BF 129
Salamanca, Nora, married Pascual Navarrete BF 129-134
Salamanca, Norma, sister to Nora, died BF 133
Salas, Abel, farm worker on the Soís ranch, killed AP 168
Salas, Julio killer, killed AP 86, 102
Salazar, Epigmenio, married Candelaria Murguía, father to Yolanda S. BF 35; CV 137,219; EV 42,44,125; GS 77-81; KC 129-31; MQR 103; TV 84,102,104,
Salazar, Rommel, son of Yolanda BF 35
Salazar Levya, Yolanda, only daughter of Epigmenio S. DR 119; EV 44,125; KC 129; MQR 103; RW 22; TV 84,104
Saldaña,Crispin, truck driver CV 41
Saldaña, Henry county jailor AP 93
Saldaña, Mencho TV motto
Salinas, Eduardo, son of Enrique S. AP 56, 144-48, 162-66, 168
Salinas, Enrique (El Camarón), driver for three killers, convicted, died of cancer AP 56, 80,102, 121 f., 160; PC 229-235
Salinas, Germán, cantina owner EV 35; TV 38
Samaniego, Lia, married Victor Peláez, died of influenza TV 26,30,31
Sambe, Tomiko, ran a brothel in Tokyo KLS 40
Sams, Clayton, orderly, served in Korea US 155
San Esteban, Emilio, from Querétaro, father of Martin and Olivia S.E. MQR 77; DR 88
San Esteban, Martín, son of Emilio S. E., Austin student, pharmacist in Ruffing, married San Juanita Ycaza BF 18,76-80,144; CV 29,45,47; DR 69-71; MQR 19,60-62,168
San Esteban, Mercedes, sister to Martin, drowned in Campacuás Lake BF 77; MQR 48
San Esteban, Moises BF 18,77
San Esteban, Olivia (Ollie), sister and partner to Martin S.E., dates Jehú Malacara BF 18,38,41 f.,45, 59 f.,76,97,144,156; DR 25-57,79-81,128; MQR 19-51,68-70
San Miguel, Petrita, mother to Natalia Garrido EV 122; TV 80 f.
Sánchez, General, an Obregón backer KC 44
Sánchez, Hugo WHF 56-57,63,68
Sandoval, Polito, worked at the American restaurant in Barrones, Tamaulipas PC 63
Santa Ana, Antonio Lopez de (1795?-1876), Mexican president TV 37
Santos, Severo de los, married Helisa Lara KC 116 f.
Santoscoy Family, from Ruffing BF 108,142; RW 72
Santoscoy, Diego, father of Raúl BF 143,145
Santoscoy, Juan, cousin to Martin San Esteban and Rafa, student in Austin, rancher/farmer CV 29,45,47; MQR 60,68
Santoscoy, Obdulia, married Aureliano Mora KC 36 f.
Santoscoy, Raúl, cousin to Rafa and Jehú, pharmacist, farmer, married Carmen Ortegon BF 142-45
Saucedo, Elifalet, brother to Mercedes S. CV 71,73
Saucedo, Mercedes, married Joaquin Flores CV 69,73
Saucedo, Paulino, truck owner KC 56
Savo, Mario WHF 27
 Schau, Patrick, served in Korea US 187
Schilling, Marv, football player RW 103
Schilling, Petra, vice president at Bishop's Savings and Loan AP 47
Schons, Louisa Mae WHF 62
Schranz, Rudi, patrolman PC 12
Schuler, Günther, father of Karl Heinz, buried in Ulm BF 35
Schuler, Heidi, elderly relatives, buried in Ulm KC 121
Schuler, Helga, married to Günther, widowed BF 35
Schuler, Karl Heinz, German. ex-diplomat, Volkswagen representative, married Viola Barragán, died of a myocardial infarction BF 26,29 f.,35,36; DR 81n,82; KC 118-20
Schuler, Wilhelm, elderly relative, buried in Ulm KC 121
Schultz, Georgie WHF 55
Schultz, John, farmer PC 119 f.
Segura, Rómulo, married Delfina Guerrero, divorced CV 37
Sendejo, Marco Antonio, pharmacy owner in K.C. KC 118
Serna, Delia, classmate to Jehú, married Servando ? RW 102
Serna, Raúl, went to Mexico to avoid the army CV 17
Serrano, Meche (Mercedes), piano teacher to Joaquin Flores CV 72
Shaffer, Bruno, electrician for Belken County BF
Sharpe, John WHF 105
Sherman, Robert, battery clerk, served in Korea RW 112
Shotwell, (Bonnie) Bonita, classmate to Jehú, member of the K. C. Woman Club DR 22; MQR 16; RW 47
Sifuentes, Maria del Pilar, married Julian Carrion, killed by Apaches  TV
Sikes, Laura, aunt of Peter Hauer, book keeper for Colvin & Stuart PC 145 PC 145,149,181 f.
Silva Family, working class BF 40; US 95
Silva, Freddie, served in Korea US 95
Simpkins, Paula, patrol woman PC 222
Simpson, Heidi, divorced Hollis, became a teacher BF 121
Simpson, Robert, forger PC 100 f.
Sims, John Pvt., served in Korea US 191
Skinner, Al, served in Korea US 18,25,30,36,41,54,58,74,80, 87,112,116, 123, 131,137,138.142,144,148,154,158,187
Smith, Charles Brad Lt. Col. , served in Korea US 17,20,22, 95
Smith Harry D., U.S. army RW 89
Smith, Harry F., U.S. army RW 86
Solís Family, old family, own the Soliseño Ranch, south of the Rio Grande AP 77, 114;
Solís, Aureliano, father of Lisandro Gómez, and Felipe Segundo PC 171
Solís, Chago, barbershop DR 64; KC 105
Solís, Estefanita, daughter of Victor S., married Young Murillo EV 178; KC 26; TV 50
Solís, Estela, married to Lisandro PC 171
Solís, Felipe Segundo (1940-89), brother to Lisandro Gómez, criminal, killed by Eduardo Salinas AP 2-5,74,94; PC 172

Solís, Lisandro Gómez, son of Aureliano, Mexican detective and criminal, killed by his brother AP 1-5, 82; PC 128-31,169,171,245
Solís, Victor EV 178; KC 26; TV 50
Sorensen, Naomi WHF 3
Sosa, Lupe, cousin of Julia Ortegón, with Valley Prudential BF 67
Soto, Matías Father O.M.I., priest, born in Galicia BF 68,135-37,138
Stahl, Enrique German immigrant, married a Buenrostro girl CV 27
Stahl, Jacobo, German immigrant, married a Buenrostro girl, maternal grandaunts to Rafa B. CV 27
Standing Bear, John, served in Korea US 94
Stang, Butch, major, served in Korea RW 94; US 18,25,30, 41,44, 45,50,58,59,68, 71,80, 83.89,90,98,112,116,123,126, 130 f.,145,154, 157,158, 180
Stevenson, couple from Edgerton AP 112
Stillwell Judge WHF 88
Stonecutter, Watlin WHF 101-2
Sturmer, Petey, runner, served in Korea US 28,52,136,138
Styles, Art US Immigration officer at Amity Bridge AP 11,32-35, 85,190
Suárez, Petronila WHF 40
Surís Family EV 119,127; TV 76,86
Surís, Felicitas (Al Capone), married Telésforo Barragán BF 99, 146; KC 118; TV 76

Tacha, a very old woman CV 57; EV 166; TV 45
Taggard, Old Man RW 70,89
Tamez, Bertita, daughter of Servando T., married Ramiro Leal EV 93,97; GS 3-7; KC 33
Tamez, Emilio, second son of Servando T., driver for the Blanchard family, married Ester Monroy, divorced BF 55-62,99; CV 133-35,217; DR 116-18,127; EV 40,93; GS 3-7,163-67; KC 103; MQR 101 f.,109; TV 55-70,100
Tamez, Ernesto "Neto" (1940-70),BF 55,100 f.; EV 92-102; GS 3-7; KC 11-15,33,46,102 f.; TV 55-70,90
Tamez, Joaquín, oldest son of Servando, married Jovita de Anda, worked for the Ranch CV 137-41; DR 116; EV 93-101,131; GS 1-7; KC 11-15,33,103; MQR 109; TV 55-70,90
Tamez, Salvador, son of Servando GS 1-7
Tamez, Servando, father of Ernesto, Emilio, Joaquin and Bertita T., buried in Bascom EV 97; KC 10-15,33; TV 55
Tamez, Tula, married to Servando KC 34; TV 55
Tapia Family, old family, goes back to the 1749 Escandón expedition, related to the Buenrostros BF 54; TV 78 f.
Tapia, Braulio (1883-), old revolutionary, came to Belken County in 1908, married Sóstenes Calvillo in 1910, father to Matilde T. BF 101; CV 131; DR 65; EV 16,50,78-80; TV 12,78-80
Tapia, Domingo RW 26,54
Tapia, Antonio Apolinar (Polín), son of a furniture store owner, poet, painter, coyote, politician, working for the KBC interests, Notary Public BF 61,99,113, 123-126,129,151; CV 65; DR 35 f.,47,63-66,111-13; KC 103,106; MQR 29,40,55-57,95,97 f.; RW 9,21-26
Tapia, Matilde, only child of Braulio Tapia, married Jehú Vilches, mother of Tere Vilches TV 79; EV 122
Tarver, Elizabeth, bank teller at First State PC 113 f.,153
Taylor, Jay, escort for Laura Grayson AP 111
Taylor, Robert, company clerk in Korea CV 157
Taylor, Shane WHF 40
Tellez, Maria, former lover of Arnold Perkins DR 21,89; MQR 15
Tellez, Vicente, acquaintance of Jesús Buenrostro, who gives him land near Bascom CV 23
Terry, Morse, attorney, Democratic candidate to run against Ira Escobar, then Congressman to replace Hap Bayliss DR 37-39,44-48; RW 31
Terry, Roger MQR 12-55,73,85,97; RW 25,28
Thomas Father, priest BF 137
Thomas, David WHF 62
Thomson, Doug WHF 13
Thornhill, Andy, served in Korea US 172,176
Thurlow, Bob, son of the superintendent KC 141
Timmens Family, from San Luis Potosí BF 87
Timmens, Ben (1908- ), attorney for the Ranch, also congressman, married Edith Bayliss BF 86 ff.; DR 100-02; RW 27 f.,30,52-59
Timmens, Big Ben, Confederate soldier, married Petra Cedillo, father to Ben, widowed, married Laura Pennington, died of pancreatic cancer BF
Timmens, Edith see Bayliss Timmens, Edith
Tirpack, Johnny, cook, served in Korea US 83
Tisdale, Pam-Ella Carmela, Krindler´s assistant PC 62
Tolleson, Henry, owner of River Delta Mortuary PC 137-42
Tomkins, soldier in Korea RW 104
Torres Family, owner of a grocery store in K.C. EV 65,104; TV 64,94,97
Torres, John WHF 40
Tovar, Leocadio, circus magician EV 27; TV 26
Treviño (Professor) WHF 72
Treviño, Zenobio PC 229-35
Treviño, Ramón, judge BF 143
Triplett, Colby WHF 52
Trujillo, Donald, served in Korea US 41
Truman, H. U.S. President US 161
Tsuruko see Ruiz, Tsuruko
Tucker, Arnold, electrician BF 42
Tuero Family, defended their land near Campacuás against the Leguizamóns BF 49; CV 207,217; KC 29; RW 51,68; TV 82
Tuero, Benjamin, landowner near Campacuás RW 51
Tuero, Berta, married Howard Haskell RW 51
Tuero, Cosme, farmer at Campacuás RW 51
Tuero, Esther, maternal grandmother to Andrés Malacara BF 49
Tuero, Genaro, farmer at Campacuás RW 51
Tuero, Socorro, veterinary BF 97
Tulke, Homer WHF 61
Tullis, Andy WHF 59,63
Tuttle, Jane, married O. E. Patterson RW 67
Twenhafel, Irving WHF 56

Uncle Andy see Malacara, Andrés
Uresti, Emilia WHF 53,59
Uribe, Matias KC 135
Urrea, Mexican general during the Texas Rebellion (1835-36) EV 122; TV 79

Valencia, (Chip) Florencio, District Attorney AP 13,15 f., 86 f., 126, 136
Valent, Eddie, fireman AP 181
Valverde, Felipe WHF 40
Van Meers, Augie, shot and killed Ambrosio Mora EV 163; GS 11 f.; KC 17; RW 63; TV 44
Vandergriff, colonel, U.S. army, retired RW 67 f.
Van Fleet Gen. , served in Korea US 172,180
Vannoy, Russ, regional chief of FBI PC 159
Varela, Celia, Daniel's sister AP 37-40
Varela, Daniel, cook and car thief, killed AP 21
Varela Mrs. Mother of Daniel, works for Theo Crixell AP 82
Vaudrey, Renate WHF 66
Vásquez, Mauricio WHF 61
Vega (Bros.), Severo, older brother, undertaker EV 35,37,130; TV 36,40,90; CV 167
Vega (Bros.), Silvestre, undertaker EV 35,37,130; TV 36,40,90; CV 167
Vela, Indio, servant to Victor Peláez in the Mexican army EV 29; TV 28,30
Vela, Bob, police officer  for robbery AP 129
Velasquez, Guillermo, cousin of Cayo Diaz, soldier in Korea CV 153
Velásquez, Roger WHF 104
Vergara, Sofia, married Julio Zavala KC 142
Verser, Bart, married to Rebecca Ruth V., father to Ellie RW 97
Verser, Ellie, daughter of Bart, teacher RW 97
Verser, Rebecca Ruth, married to Bart V. RW 97 f.
Vidaurri de Farías, (Aunt) Enriqueta (1860? -1960), great-aunt to Rufino Fischer Gutierrez and Jehú Malacara, grandmother of Conce Guerrero, lived in Relámpago, CV 37,183,219; DR 14,40,95; MQR 83; BF 150
Vielma, Angela, daughter of Prudencio V., notary, lived with Delfina Guerrero BF 98; CV 119-27; DR 15,70; MQR 33,61
Vielma, Buenaventura (Ventura), son of Prudencio V. CV 119-27,187-97; MQR 10
Vielma, Genoveva, married to Prudencio V. CV 119-27
Vielma, Pepe (Joey, José Augusto), son of Prudencio V., classmate of Rafa’s, died in Korea, 1951 BF 98; CV 17,31,119-27,187-97; DR 15; KC 73,77; KLS 16,23-25,37,44,46 f.,50,53; MQR 10; RW 100,108,112; US passim, 24,37,39,46,57,58,68,72, 78,80,91,94-96,99,112,115 f.,116 f.,118,122,130,136,138,144, 150,152,158-64,166,184,186
Vielma, Prudencio, teacher, printer of Jonesville Herald, father of Angela, Buenaventura, Pepe V. BF 98; CV 119-27,187-97
Vilches Family, old family, original land grant from the Crown (1749), in unshakeable alliance with the Garrido and Malacara families, their land next to Buenrostro land BF 49; CV 129,169,203,207; EV 122,127; KC 29; TV 80,86
Vilches, Jehú, son of Juan Nepuceno Vilches, married Matilde Tapia, father to Maria Teresa (Tere) de Jesús EV 18,122 f.; TV 12,79
Vilches, Julian, cousin and classmate to Jehú, law partner with his brother Timoteo KC 142
Vilches, Juan Nepomuceno, married Esther Tuero, father to Jehú Vilches, maternal grandfather to Andrés, Mercedes, and Roque Malacara KC 111; BF 48
Vilches, Maria Teresa (Tere) de Jesús, daughter of Jehú V., married Roque Malacara, died young TV 111
Vilches, Timoteo, brother to Julian, cousin and classmate to Jehú, lawpartner with Julian KC 142
Villa, Justo, father of Lionel BF 16
Villa, Lionel, uncle to Becky Caldwell, leaves land to her on his death BF 13-25,111
Villa, Nicolas, Mexican from Edgerton CV 201
Villa, Pancho, leader in the Mexican Revolution DR 28; EV 31,45,121,123; MQR 22; TV 31,78,79,81,165
Villagomez, Armando Sanchez, Mexican soldier TV 29
Villalobos, Anacleta, daughter of Jacobo KC 87
Villalobos, Angelita, daughter of Domingo V., married Javier Leguizamón EV 127; TV 87; BF 15,50,; CV 147
Villalobos, Domingo, father to Angelita V., negotiated peace between Anglo and Mexico Texans EV 124,128; TV 82,87 f.
Villalobos, Jacobo, father to Anacleta KC 87
Villalón family, old family going back to the Escandón colony in 1749
Villalón, Ana, daughter of Celso V., married Cato Zavala CV 115,179; US 81
Villalón, Celso, owner of a goat ranch near Relámpago, the largest and poorest estate in the Valley, father of Ana, Charlie, Else BF 43,101; CV 103,115-17,177-79,213; KC 100,104,108
Villalón, Charlie (Chale), son of Celso, classmate of Rafa’s, farm worker. died in Korea in 1951 CV 17,31,103; KC 71,72,73,74,140; KLS 16,23-25,44,46f.,50,53; EV 130,181; RW 64,74,83,100,103; TV 51,90: US 15-21,24,27-37,53,79,80,94-96,99 f.,112,116 f., 134,147,167
Villalón, Else, daughter of Celso V., died young CV 115,179. US 81
Villalón, Rosalío, served in Korea KLS 3
Villalón, Zulema, married Ephraim Zavala CV 115
Villalpongo, owner of a garage KC 94
Villareal, county policeman AP 8
Villareal, Cindy WHF 32-35
Villegas, Jim, fireman AP 182
Vitetoe Lt. , served in Korea US 40,51 f.,63 f.,66,86,89,101, 107 f.,112,119, 130,140,154,170,176,180,185
Vizcarra, David, Mexicano candidate from Edgerton, died before the primaries CV 199
Vizcarra, Vicente Jr., owner of Seamon Loans and V.V. used car lot, insurance agent, RW 77

Wade, Terry WHF 54
Walker, Gen., killed in Korea KLS 10,37,42,45,52,61,67,87, 116; US 37,61,116
Waller, Bill, Lt., served in Korea RW 90; US 16,21,24-26,27,31,36,39,52, 54,59, 61,66, 70,71,76,78,85 f.,91,116,119,123,130,142,151 f.,154, 170,180, 185
Waller, Fats, jazz pianist US 99
Walters, driver, served in Korea US 77
Ward, Jim WHF 56
Warren, Oscar, major in Korean war EV 175
Warrington, Pappy Col. , served in Korea US 28 f.,67
Watanabe, Hiro, blind Japanese child, war victim US 98,150,162,184
Watanabe, Kazuo, father of Hiro and Natsuko KLS 3
Watanabe, Natsuko, elder brother of Hiro, killed KLS 3,46-48; US 98
Watfell Family, dependent on the KBC interests DR 77; MQR 67; RW 72
Watling, M. Jacob, married to Thelma RW 90
Watling, Thelma Ann (1899- ), married to Jacob RW 90
Wayne, John, actor US 163
Weatherall, Blanche WHF 2,26-29,
Weaver, Theo, owner of Kum-Back Inn PC 100-05
Webber, Dr. , physician in K.C.KC 42
Weintraub. Stanley WHF 10
Wells, Col., served in Korea US 23
West, J. Thos, apartment superintendent, killed PC 111
Westlake, Royce, classmate to Jehú, cousin to Harv Moody KC 140
Wilkins, Butter, retired Army sergeant, garage owner AP 21
Wilkins, John, car thief PC 202
Williger, Irma, bank teller at Texas State  PC 113-117,153
Willis, Parr, electrician BF 43
Wilson, Julie, Flora whore, married to Sonny KC 112-15
Wilson, Sonny, married to Julie who killed him KC 112-15
Wilson de Vergara, Matilde, mother in law to Procopio de Benavides CV 63
Winfield, Fred WHF 12
Wisner WHF 70
Woodall, Michael Arthur, business man from Jonesville, had an office at Cooke First National PC 21-28,29,34-43
Wright, Clarence WHF 51

Xavier, Francis Father WHF 14

Yamamoto Admiral US 99
Yañez, Obdulio, related to Rafa Buenrostro, married a Vilches girl KC 78; TV 50
Yates, Stu, policeman, PC 140
Ybarra, Tim, policeman PC 140
Ycaza, Pedro, father of San Juanita BF 18; DR 69; MQR 60
Ycaza, San Juanita, daughter of Pedro, married Martín San Esteban BF 18,77
Yzaguirre, served in Korea US 77; compare Izaguirre

Zamora, Ernie, chief salesman at Jimmie Van Hooft's Friendly GMC Truck Inc. AP 47
Zamudio Family BF 34 f.
Zamudio, Pedro, Flora’s mission priest DR 11; BF 33; EV 34-38,43; KC 31,75,79 f.,90; MQR 11; TV 35-41,103
Zapata, Emiliano, leader in the Mexican Revolution, assassinated EV 31; TV 29,31
Zaragoza, Práxedes (El Barco) AP 80,121,145,160,168; PC 133,178-88
Zavala, Antonio, farm worker for the Solís family AP 102
Zavala, Cato, married Ana Villalón CV 115
Zavala, Efraín, brother to Cato Z., married Zulema Villalón CV 115
Zavala,Julio, owner of Z’s Television, married Sofia Vergara  KC 142
Zena, Numa KC 60
Zepulveda, Old Man, farm worker EV 130; TV 90
Zepulveda, Emma, married Henry González BF 148
Zertuche, Valentín, restaurant man CV 155
Zuarez, Panchita, bone healer and midwife KC 79,82,86; TV 36,45,101; EV 35,41,164
Zuñiga Family, related to the Peña, Gutierrez and Cano families DR 95; MQR 83; US 82
Zuñiga, Ray, served in Korea US 82



(copyright: Wolfgang Karrer, University Osnabrück)




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