Wolfgang Karrer

Life - CV




1961 - 1969 Studies of English, German and Philosophy at the Universities of Freiburg, Kiel and Bonn;
Academic teachers: Walter Rehm, Franz Link; Richard Alewyn, Benno von Wiese, Arno Esch

1968 - 1969 Lektor for German at the University of Leicester, UK

1969 Promotion at the University of Bonn; Dissertation on the poetry of Dylan Thomas (published in 1971); Mentor: Prof. Dr. Arno Esch.

1969 Assistant Professor in the English Department at the University of Bochum (Chair: Prof. Dr.Dietrich Rolle)

1971 - 1972 Speaker for the Non-Professorial Members of the Philological Departments and Non-Voting Member in the Faculty; work on several search committees and curricular reform; development of a new introductory course for students of English (with Elmar Lehmann a. o.)

1973 - 1974 Exchange Professor in the English Department at the University of St. Louis, Missouri, USA

1974 - 1976 Associate Professor (tenure track) at the University of St. Louis; teaching for the American Studies Program; work in curricular reform and interdisciplinary teaching; preparing a major thesis (Habilitation) on nineteenth-century parody (part one published in 1976)

1976 Full Professor (C 3) for U. S. Literature at the University of Osnabrueck

1978 - 1979 Dean of the Fachbereich Aesthetik und Kommunikation (Arts and Literature Section);

1979 - 1999 served as head of the department and member of Senate committee for Curricular Affairs several times; conferences organized with Hartmut Lutz and Sigrid Markmann; organized exchanges with universities in Texas, New York, Hull; external examiner for American Studies at the University of Hull;

2000 - 2002 Senator of the University of Osnabrueck

2007 Retirement

2008 Guest professor at the University of Buenos Aires

2009 Retirement from Teaching

2010 ff Writing a novel Osnbabrueck-Hafen (2016) (in German)

2019 ff Writing a History of US Sketch-Stories (1608-2015),  in German, due2022

References: Kuerschners Gelehrtenlexikon, Who is Who in Germany, Anglistenspiegel,
Membership: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Jugendbuchforschung, Amerikazentrum Hamburg; CAAR.(until 2008)

CONTACT: wkarrer@uos.de